JAMPACT Announces New Team For 2007-2008


New York, NY , September 17, 2007: Jamaica Impact Inc. “ JAM PACT ” continues it’s commitment to the promise, potential, and progress of Jamaica and the Jamaican Diaspora, with Kamar Samuels at its helm as the ninth president. Samuels was unanimously voted into office on September 12, 2007. JAM PACT is a non-profit organization based in New York whose mission is to use its collective energies, intelligence and resources to make positive contributions towards the improvement of social and economic improvement in Jamaica .

Since its official launch on September 24, 1998, JAMPACT in its almost nine years of operation, has made a number of significant benchmarks, i.e. having been the first organization to publicly discuss the concept of engaging the Jamaican Diaspora, and awarding over US$50,000 to Jamaican charities and educational institutions through its grant and adopt-a-school programs. During Mr. Samuels’ first year as president (2004-2005), he spearheaded a needs-assessment of JAMPACT ’s five adopted basic schools and through strategic development hopes to transition them into “model schools.”

Samuels, who will lead the twelve-member Executive Body comprised of two former presidents and nine long time members, is eager to lead JAMPACT back from an uncharacteristically quiet year.

“Every organization goes through growing pains,” said Samuels of the last year’s lull. He also recognizes that this year’s challenge will be to reengage dormant members.

“However, I’m extremely proud to say that it is because of our love for Jamaica ,” continued the president, “that JAMPACT’s dedicated members stepped up to ensure the survival and success of the organization going forward.”

When asked of his reasons for wanting to again lead the organization, “We may not need JAMPACT, but JAMPACT needs us.”

JAMPACT’s Executive Team (2007-2008)

President: Kamar Samuels
Vice-President: Akelia Lawrence
Treasurer: Sharon Watson
Secretary: Angella Golding
Membership Chair: Raine Martin

Communications Chair: Camille T. Barrett
Constitution Chair: Wayne Melbourne
Education Chair: Diane Samuels
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Heather Anderson and Kesha Crichlow
Think Tank Co-chairs: Diana Cassells and Ian Forest

For further information on JAMPACT, contact Camille T. Barrett at (212) 459-4390 or [email protected].

Jamaica Impact Inc. (“JAMPACT”) is a certified 501(c) 3 non-profit organization consisting of a diverse group of young Jamaican professionals, students and friends of Jamaica .

What is JAMPACT’s mission?

Our main objective is to make positive contributions towards the improvement of social and economic conditions in Jamaica .

Our slogan reflects our commitment to creating change in Jamaica . JAMPACT works towards achieving its mission in two distinct ways, through:

  • Contribution to the policy debate on economic growth and education
  • Tangible contributions to needy organizations in Jamaica