JAMPRO Launches Today’s Jamaica Means Business Campaign

KINGSTON, February 10, 2007 As part of its thrust to transform Jamaica’s image from solely that of a cultural epicentre, to one where business
and investment thrive, The Jamaica Promotions Corporation(JAMPRO) has launched a communications campaign tagged “Today’s Jamaica Means

“This is an exciting time for us. There is a huge opportunity to make a significant leap in our internal perceptions of what Jamaica means,”
said Sancia Templer, JAMPRO’s Deputy President. “We have made important gains in capturing the attention of international investors, and we now
must match that with our own belief that the things that make us unique are the very things that matter in business.”

In developing the campaign JAMPRO researched the values that define a business location, and found that creativity, reliability,
supportiveness, excellence and integrity are considered important characteristics. Feedback indicated that while Jamaica is well known for
its creative side, there needed to be an increase in visibility of business success. “We talk a lot about foreign direct investment, but we
also want to emphasise that our own people are actively focused on creating their own business stories,” said Mrs. Templer.

The campaign is executed in partnership with several private sector firms and media corporations, and involves radio, press, TV and outdoor,
featuring four personalities or “icons” that represent the essence of bold creativity and business success.

Thalia Lyn, Courtney Walsh, Jeffrey “Assasin” Campbell, and Karen Tamasa, the four icons featured in the campaign have diverse backgrounds
and were chosen so that the campaign could connect with a wide target audience.

Thalia Lyn transformed traditional Jamaica jerk into a major restaurant chain with locations in Jamaica and Barbados. Lyn’s selection
was designed to illustrate how traditional Jamaican culture can be transformed into meaningful business opportunities.

Courtney Walsh is certainly the most recognizable of the four, after years in the international sporting arena, where he earned the
distinction of taking the most test wickets. Walsh parlayed his success into two sports influenced businesses: a sports bar and a sports
equipment retail operation.

Jeffrey “Assassin’ Campbell’s signature positive lyrics speak to the aspirations of the young adult population who are seeking to invest their energy into building opportunities. In an industry where image is everything, Campbell has made the decision to go even deeper, by developing a multi-dimensional career that transcends performing. Campbell is currently pursuing a Business Management degree at the University of Sunderland in the UK. By his inclusion, the campaign seeks to engage young persons in rethinking their idea of success and in doing
so show both sides of the entertainment industry, one of the country’s most vibrant sectors.

Karen Tamasa is the youngest of the four and at 19 years old has had astonishing success with her own farm and agro processing firm where
she provides employment for 18 people. Tamasa’s career goal is to become a veterinarian, but already she has inspired her peers with the idea of
making one’s own way through business.

“We were keen on showing the many faces of business. For us to have the critical mass to change current perception, we have to show that
“business” goes beyond the business suit,” said Mrs. Templer. “Each of our icons has infused their creative side with strong business sense.
That is exactly the spirit we want to nurture across the country.”

The Jamaica Promotions Corporation will soon become Jamaica Trade and Invest, a move which is expected to sharpen the organisation’s profile
with local and international investors.