JAMROCK 50 Jamaica-Trinidad 50 Year Independence Celebration, August 3, 2012, New York

The year was 1962 and it would be a year of immense change for two small but important English speaking Caribbean islands it was a time when social and political change was taking place in the region. For one small island on midnight August 6, 1962 the Union Jack (The British flag) was lowered and the black green and gold flag representing an independent island for the first time was raised. This island was Jamaica the third largest island in the Caribbean. Similarly exactly twenty five (25) days later another island raised their flag too on August 31, 1962 joining Jamaica in becoming an independent nation after being under British rule for centuries.  This island was Trinidad and Tobago. Over the past nearly fifty (50) years since both islands gained independence they have grown as nations with a wide diversity of culture, their people have excelled in various fields both locally and internationally.

This year marks the Golden anniversary of their independence from British rule. As a result JAMROCK Magazine a premier glossy lifestyle publication with a distinctly Caribbean-American flair; based in New York has decided to join in celebrating the 50th year of independence of these two islands by having a show titled “JAMROCK TRINIDAD 50”,  on Friday August 3, 2012 at the Hammerstein Manhattan Center in New York. This show will feature as its headline acts Maxi Priest and Billy Ocean. 0