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Jasmyn Fyffe Dance presents Interlock

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Jasmyn Fyffe Dance is presenting its most anticipated work of the company’s second season with Interlock; “to interweave or interlace with one another.”
The program will feature six works, including three world premieres. “The company is so diverse both culturally and artistically and we bring a blend of our individuality to the stage,” says Jasmyn Fyffe.

Fyffe’s signature choreographic style reflects real life issues. She has created pieces like ‘Warfare’, partially inspired by the genocide in Darfur, human trafficking, drug use, death and mourning. “These are serious issues that I care about and they inspire my work but I am also inspired by every day people and their emotions. And sometimes my inspiration is purely artistic.” It’s not uncommon to find Fyffe scribbling choreography ideas on a notebook while on the bus or having a coffee break.

Fyffe started dancing at age 6 with Ballet, Afro Caribbean and Hip Hop styles. While pursuing an interest in track and field, Fyffe stopped dance training seriously at age 15. She went on to York University, studying kinesiology and building a formidable record in the track and field world. But then an injury changed the course of her future. It was the end of her Olympic dream but the resurgence of her dance ambition. The transition wasn’t easy. After losing so many years of practice, Fyffe had to retrain almost from scratch. Fyffe worked tirelessly at honing her craft. She auditioned for the York University Dance Program and began her BFA. While her classmates were taking summer breaks she was training. She landed a scholarship to the Ballet Creole summer program and enrolled in the School of Toronto Dance Theatre summer program. In her third year at York she had the opportunity to choreograph other dancers unearthing her unending love for creating movement. Fyffe’s movement quality is described as “Alvin Ailey meets street dancer.” (Allan Ferguson, director of Nelly Furtado music video ‘Night is Young’)

Now in its second season, the Jasmyn Fyffe Dance Company is drawing on seasoned and emerging choreographers for input, including Karen Kaeja and Patricia Gianfarco. Fyffe is excited to be working with other choreographers and looking forward to their creations, but “Conflicted Resolutions” is the piece closest to her heart.

“It was the first piece I received funding for (Toronto Arts Council). I was so used to opening rejection letters that when I opened the envelope and read the first three words ‘we are pleased’ I didn’t even read the rest I just started screaming and running around the house.” It’s this kind of raw emotion and that Fyffe and her dancers bring to the stage. “I want to share a true taste of my company with this show displaying our versatility. The themes and inspirations range from the ideas of conflict and resolution, to electrical currents to the artistry of Duke Ellington. I like to create and present work that is accessible to a broad based audience; there will be something for everyone in this concert.”

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