JCDC Unveils 2014 Gospel Song Album

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission today (June 11) unveiled the 2014 Gospel Album of the Jamaica Gospel Song Competition which sets the stage for the exciting finals of the competition on Sunday, July 27.

Ten finalists who made it to the top out of 190 entrants island-wide were introduced to the media at a press launch at the Webster Memorial United Church under the theme, “Moving Forward”.

The Jamaica Gospel Song Competition which has become an iconic presentation of indigenous gospel music in Jamaica since its inception in 1987 “represents the type of programme that we cannot afford to cut.” This, according to Chief Executive Officer of Almond Productions, Jon Williams who noted that despite the country’s tight fiscal constraints, the JCDC Gospel Song competition contributes to Jamaica’s moral fabric which is essential to growth and development.

Each the year, the JCDC encourages writers and vocalist to challenge themselves in thriving to become the best new artiste/writer for the year by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and for finalist, Anishca Sinclair, “if you have a message to share the JCDC Gospel Song competition is the best avenue.” As a first time entrant, Sinclair noted her experience in learning about the industry and how to take care of the tool of her trade, her voice through workshops hosted by the JCDC.   

While the contestants gear up for the finals, they will be participating in a philanthropic endeavour, the One Voice One Heart Outreach Programme which will allow them to share time and donations with children at a Child Care facility. Earlier this year, the contestants were also engaged in rigorous development workshops which exposed them to the Jamaican music industry.

The top ten finalists include : Adrian Dell with “Blessed and Highly Favoured”, Anishca Sinclair – “The Word of God”, Stacy-Ann Brooks Kristos with the song, “Give Me Jesus”, Aneisha Walker- “Unchanging Love”, Jerome Welch with “Rise Up And Stand”,
Servants – “Free At Last”, Orville Sutherland- “Cool Shade”, Travis Gordon with “Roll
Back the Dark Clouds”, Keneisha Wilson-“Prayer Warrior”, and Chavan Nelson with “Turn Around”.

The top ten songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Almond Productions limited and the Album will become available on ITunes shortly.