Jean Lowrie-Chin Launches ‘Souldance’ In New York This Week

A wave of book lovers, tastemakers and literary luminaries are expected to show up on Wednesday evening at Ruder Finn in midtown Manhattan ‘s East Side for the New York book launch of Jean Lowrie-Chin’s Souldance, a collection of poems and writings.
“Souldance is a lavish, well-seasoned buffet of some of the most tantalizing writings coming out of Jamaica  presently”, author and Olympian Devon Harris gushed. “This short and sweet literary feast explores the subtle sensibilities that make up the very complex tapestry called Jamaica “, he continued. 
Lowrie-Chin is a gifted writer with a perceptive eye for detail.  Her early rural and urban experiences have enabled her to soulfully and skillfully dance through over thirty years of an enduring love affair with Jamaica . Sometimes her lexicon takes on the flavor of rock steady and at other times it embraces a rhythm of reggae.
In her epic poem Yu See Mi? she explodes with the  unabashed poignancy of dancehall. Souldance is a delightful and delicious read as it journeys through Jamaica from coast to coast, sometimes making crucial stops to pay homage to outstanding Jamaicans like Miss Lou, Usain Bolt and Jessie Ripoll.
Wednesday’s launch is being hosted by Gail L Moaney, executive vice president, Travel & Economic Development, Ruder Finn Inc. Guest of Honor  is Jamaica’s ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency the Hon. Audrey Marks. Other high profile Jamaican guests visiting New York during the week are also expected to attend the event.
Jean Lowrie Chin will kick off a reading session at the launch and she will be ably assisted by Jamaican actor and playwright David Heron who has just returned to New York  from a California TV commercial shoot. A press day for Lowrie-Chin will follow on Saturday when she will have the opportunity to tell Jamaican residents in several US cities about her book. 
Souldance is carried by Ian Randle Publishers and the book is available at leading book stores as well as at The launch is being executed by Dave Rodney and Anthony Turner of Images Media LLC in association with Rhum Barbancourt.