Jet Blue Airlines Model Heads To Jamaica On Election Day

New York based Jamaican born model Raquel “Rocky” Heslop, who two years ago was the face of Jet Blue Airlines in a print ad campaign in the US told the INL that she plans to vacation in Ocho Rios from December 29 until January 5th 2012.

“I decided to take a trip to Jamaica this year because it was long overdue. While in Jamaica, I am planning to do a photo shoot to get some hot pictures for my catalogue. I plan to visit my dad and cousin who are still living there. I will be spending some quality time with them for sure” she said.

“My plan for new year’s day – which is my birthday – is to visit a hospital and give a few gifts to some needy kids. A visit to Jamaica would not be complete without hitting the beach so I plan to do that as well” she said.

When asked if she has concerns about traveling home on election day, she said, “I am a firm believer in God and I do not fear man. I will go there in peace and return in peace. I love my country and I know I will be good to go” she said.

For 2012, Heslop has a number of important projects on the horizon.

“I am booked for the Moda show at the Javits Center. That event will be 3 days. The designer I am wearing is Elana Kattan. I am also looking forward to working at the Mercedes Fashion week in February at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan.”

Heslop said she is hoping to get more involved in acting and expressed an interest in doing ad campaigns in Jamaica.

“I would love to do work for Milo or some major advertisers in Jamaica” she said. The attractive model who was born in Kingston Jamaica migrated to the USA 22 year ago. She has appeared in Essence magazine, the Daily News, Seventeen Magazine, Sweet Sixteen, BE, Ebony, Vibe, Source and Fairlady Magazines.