Jinyus Delivers Stellar Performances on Aidonia’s Frsh Drop US Tour

Dancehall artiste Shavaun Stewart, more popularly known as Jinyus, makes “Bare Noise” on Aidonia’s Frsh Drop tour. “Bare Noise” was a late addition to the now popular rhythm compilation Frsh Drop Riddim with Aidonia’s current hit song of the same name. Following the success of this latest single which peaked at number 4 on iTunes chart, Jinyusjoined forces with Aidonia on this North American tour in 3 states.

Jinyus Delivers Stellar Performances on Aidonia’s Frsh Drop US Tour
Though a resident of the US for several years now, this is the first US tour for the Portmore native. The success of “Bare Noise” got Jinyus added on the second stop of the tour after missing out on the Connecticut show. Jinyus performed in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, August 12 then Baltimore, Maryland the next day, where he “shelled” the stage to a sold out crowd. The performance was unprecedented, to say the least. 

Not only did Jinyus perform after the more mainstream artistes, but also before both headlining acts, a slot that most artistes of Jinyus’ caliber would not be able to deliver in and still managed to make “Bare Noise”. The running order was Moyann, Vanessa Bling, 450, Govana and then Jinyus, with Alkaline afterwards and of course Aidonia to close. A prime time slot immediately before Alkaline is a feat no one expected him to be able to handle but Jinyus used this to his advantage and dominated. 

After the show, Jinyus took a photo with Aidonia backstage which he then posted to his social media page. Aidonia commented on the post saying: “OUTDEH!!!!!FAWUD MOVEMENT” then in turn shared it to his own Instagram story. Jinyus welcomes the endorsement from the famed entertainer.

Jinyus told his PR, Lesley Hayles, that “I delivered in a prime time slot and mash up the stage with an Onstage interview after that to top things offIt’s a good look.”

BRT Touring and Banga House Music Group are producers of the rhythm project as well as organizers of the tour. Jinyuscredits Markus from Platinum Kids for making the connection happen in order to record “Bare Noise” on the Frsh Drop Riddim. Next stop on tour is Miami, Florida on Sunday, September 17. Jinyus is excited for what lies ahead for this upcoming performance and will capitalize on this anticipation in order to gain momentum on his future endeavors and catapult his music career to higher heights.