Jobs in Jamaica: Cluster Based Mathematics Specialists

Cluster Based Mathematics Specialists

LOCATION: Ministry of Education, Kingston

DESCRIPTION: To provide technical support for the implementation of the National Comprehensive Numeracy  Program (NCNP) through the monitoring and training of School Based Mathematics Teachers  (SBMTs); Facilitate implementation of the National Comprehensive Numeracy Program; Provide support to Principals and SBMTs in the setting of targets; Facilitate job embedded professional development for SBMTs aimed at building their pedagogical content knowledge; Provide assistance to SBMTs in the planning of lessons;  Provide guidance for SBMTs in the management and delivery of mathematics lessons which are developed based on the principles of the NCNP; Promote the use of multiple methods of assessment OF and FOR learning; Support the school in promoting the importance of numeracy and implementing activities and initiatives (e.g. mathematics clubs and competitions) designed to improve the attitudes of key stakeholders towards mathematics; Collect and analyze data for assigned schools.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree in Education; Tertiary training in Mathematics Education; Mathematics content at CAPE/A’Level or above; Experience teaching at the primary level would be an asset; Strong conceptual content knowledge base; Ability to present information to a wide range of audiences; Proven ability to lead and motivate stakeholders; Ability to communicate effectively – orally and in writing; Excellent time management and networking skills.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Director – Human Resource Management, Ministry of Education, 2 – 4 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4; Email: [email protected] – Subject: “Cluster Based Mathematics Specialists (Indicate Region)”,

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 06, 2013