Jobs in Jamaica: Sports Development Officer

JOB TITLE: Sports Development Officer

LOCATION:  Jamaica Association for the Deaf, Kingston

DESCRIPTION: Project aims to advance the rights and protection of Deaf children and young people through a nationwide program of communication, safe behavior and health activity, delivered through the medium of sport; Establish and deliver a sports-based youth development program aimed at responding to the needs of Deaf children and young people who are vulnerable to, are experiencing, or survived abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of abuse; Deliver two awareness programs on (1) positive parenting and (2) sensitization of practitioners within the Criminal Justice System (Constabulary, courts, legal services, prison service); Edit materials and use website publishing, social media and other promotional tools

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree or similar-level qualification in either Sports Development, Dance, Youth Development, Criminal Justice, Education OR Evidence of the equivalent practical experience; Good interpersonal skills, and ability to motivate children and young people; Good organizational skills; Knowledge of: The networks that promote dance/sports activity and initiatives for children and young people; Child Protection issues and procedures; Evidence of: Working effectively with vulnerable children/young people in either education, social work, youth work, sport or another related area of work; Working in a lead liaison role; Ability to develop & implement projects / plans; Dance/Sports coaching qualifications and experience; Specialized training in Child Protection and multi-agency work; Knowledge of the Deaflympic Movement and Deaflympic sports; Travel independently and work away from normal place of work as required; Work on evenings and weekends; Communicate in sign language

CONTACT INFORMATION: The Program Manager, Dki/Jad Advancing Deaf Kids Jamaica Project, C/O Jamaica Association For The Deaf, 9 Marescaux Road, Kingston 5; Email: [email protected]

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 17, 2014