Jobs in Jamaica: Forestry Department Sales and Marketing

Location: Forestry Department, Kingston

Description: Directly responsible for developing and ensuring the efficient and effective execution of plans for marketing of the products and services of the Agency; Designing and conducting, in collaboration with the Corporate Strategic Planning Branch, surveys to determine current and future availability and demand for the various types of Forest products and services; Maintaining, evaluating and / or updating on an on-going basis, inventory data on forest products and services; Documenting and submitting annual plans incorporating targets for the hectares and types of products to be harvested and associated anticipated costs and revenue projections; Ensuring the efficient and effective execution of plans for the marketing of the Agency’s products and services; Promoting the sale and utilization of the Agency’s products and services

Qualifications: Associate Degree in Forestry, Agricultural Science, Environmental Management or related area; Certificate in Marketing; Four (4) year’s field experience; Good knowledge of strategic planning; Excellent interpersonal, research and analytical skills; Good knowledge of research methodologies; Ability to work under pressure to meet specific deadlines; Ability to build partnership in achieving operational goals; Good knowledge of information technology; Excellent oral and written communication skills

Contact: Office of the CEO & Conservator of Forests, Forestry Department, 173 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8, Fax: 924-2626

Application Deadline: May 04, 2012