Johnny Daley Disappointed With Newstalk 93 Fm
After what was thought to be a done deal and the start of a new chapter for  Comedian and broadcaster Chris Johnny Daley’s Johnny LIVE radio show on University owned radio station News Talk 93fm; the show came to a premature halt on Tuesday when Daley was informed that the station was ceasing new programming until further notice.
Johnny Daley Disappointed With Newstalk 93 Fm
Negotiations began almost a month ago with Station Managers and Chris Daley and even with the sales team for Newstalk 93 FM. There was an agreement made for the new home of Daley’s Johnny LIVE radio show to air on Newstalk 93fm weekday afternoons 2:30-5pm starting on June 4th 2018.
“The station manager assured me that all was well and we were set to sign the final contract on the very first broadcast day Monday June 4, they even wanted the show to start earlier than that date so its a surprise that the University and the Station Management are at odds and i am caught in the middle” Daley explained
The Johnny LIVE Afternoon show was off to a great start and feedback on the the first show on Monday was already positive, however communication with the University and the Radio station’s management seemed to have either broken down or was non existent.
If the Stations Management did not have the authority to engage my show to join the station then they shouldn’t have done so. If the University is making this decision without realizing how it affects people then i’m very disappointed. My team and i have made adjustments to our lives to accommodate the daily afternoon show, my producer left another job to work with me, this isn’t something to be taken lightly,” Daley added
The comedian had also started a social media promotional campaign about his new radio home urging his fans to tune in. This would be the third home of Daley’s radio brand as it was previously aired on Suncity Radio and Bess 100FM.
The whole thing makes me very sad because fans have been asking me when i would be back on radio and i was happy to tell them that Johnny LIVE had a new radio home. I really don’t like to be constantly moving the brand from station to station but even if Newstalk can work out its internal issues with the University i doubt i will return to the table because they have been surprisingly unprofessional,” Daley stated
In the meantime Daley is focused on his Johnny LIVE Comedy Bar comedy series held on a Tuesday night at 100 Hope Road. He is set to have fast rising American comedian Shuler King appear in Jamaica for the first time on June 26 for a Comedy Bar special.