Journey to Jamaica’s South coast

We are always going to the North coast for our family trips.  Always Ochi and St. Mary, and of course Portie, but we have never ventured to the South coast.  So in my quest to enjoy more of our beautiful island Jamaica, we decided to head to St. Elizabeth.  With a little research on the area,  I realized there is quite a bit  to see and do- we were excited!  Unfortunately, we could only spend one night.  I would try to squeeze everything into our two day trip!

The plan was to visit YS Falls, do the Black River Safari, visit Accompong to see how the Maroons live and also check out the Appleton Estate tours.  Quite ambitious to say the least!  I definitely underestimated the distance and travel time.  It took us a good 3.5 hours from Kingston and we stopped a few times.

We spent the night at a really nice boutique hotel, “Idler’s Rest“.  Absolutely fabulous!  Located just outside of Black River (town) in Parrottee.  Let me tell you, if you are looking to get away and rest, Idler’s Rest is a great option.  The hotel is on the beach and  tastefully done.  They incorporated the huge trees in their design and utilized  local crafts persons for their wooden furnishing and decor nb outlet.  There are bikes to use if you wish,  parrots and other birds to enjoy,  hammocks all around for just relaxing, an on site kitchen to prepare your meals, of which breakfast was included in our room rate.   Mr. McDonald and his staff  tried their best to ensure we enjoyed our stay.

Black River hotel

Parottee Jamaica hotel

Needless to say we didn’t get to all the “attractions” as we had planned. We really wanted to spend another night.  Travelling with kids, you need a second night to not be rushed and to take in all that St. Bess has to offer New Balance A19 Outlet.   We enjoyed the beach, my son loved digging for Cockle and building sand castles, we visited YS Falls and did the Black River Safari.  So stay tuned for my posts of those experiences.


Black River beachnike free run 3 black

St. Elizabeth beachnike free run 4.0

St. Bess we’re coming back!  We have to visit the Pelican Bar, take the kids on the Appleton Estate tour and definitely visit Accompong.  I encourage you to get a change of scenery, visit the South coast and share some new experiences with your kids.