Jumbie In Town Published by David Kalloo

Jumbie in Town is David Kalloo’s third book. Here he explores his childhood adventures in search of characters from the rich amalgamation of Trinidad and Tobago folklore.  While these folklore tales were meant to scare you and keep you on the straight and narrow, David had a Listening to the stories narrated by his mother, it infused and fired up an inquisitive nature in him to find a Largahoo, Douen, Papa Bois, Soucouyant, La Diablesse or Mama Glo. The anticipation of chopping a Silk Cotton tree at midnight to watch it bleed blood enthused him. 

Jumbie In Town Published by David Kalloo
His vivid recollection of his childhood adventure lends a colourful aura as he takes the reader through a period that was teeming with folklore stories. He crafts together too, the lack of understanding then about the environment and people’s arrogance due to the lack of information about their habitat. 

Unlike his fictional novel Green Mango Chow, his new offering Jumbie in Town is his own account into his adventures to find a Jumbie in Town from the young age of 10 right up into his penultimate teenage years.

Jumbie in Town is out now in paperback and Kindle and currently available on Amazon Books.

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