Jungle Feva?

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I had a very interesting (to say the least) flirtation with a captain this week. As I mentioned in a Facebook post some time ago, the majority of the compliments I get about my hair are from white men. There’s something about being natural that they seem to like.

jungle fever

Why do some white men fetishize Black women?

Before every trip, the entire crew gathers to brief with the captain. The briefing covers new safety regulations, service expectations and flying conditions. So we were all gathered in the middle of the aircraft listening to this captain pontificate on these matters. After he was done, he pulled on one of my curls and asked; “How long do I have to grow my hair for it to look like yours?” I fluffed my ‘fro smiled and said; “Honey, you need a lot of chocolate.” To which he replied, “Oh I’d love some chocolate.” His words definitely had a sexual undertone. As he looked me up and down he continued, “Believe me, I can’t have enough chocolate.” Ew! Ew! Ewwwww!

So I thought to myself, “Di-Di you can play this two ways: he’s a potential sugar daddy and you can leave him holding his shriveled up dick or you can set him straight one time and let him know you’re not pilot ho.”

ttthHe sauntered over slowly to me, his eyes intent on the curve of my hip that jutted out into the aisle. He placed his forearm next to mine on top of the passenger seat and made this observation, “See. I’m darker than you. I got waaaay more chocolate than you.” His words reeked like a used condom in a whore house. Suddenly I had a flashback of my high school and college years when I got teased for being too light skinned to be called Black. I wasn’t black enough. It was then I decided for the latter course of action, “Sweetie if you think your cheap tanning bed garden variety tan will land you in my hotel room tonight, you got another thing coming.” I then spun on my heels and walked to the back of plane to continue my safety checks.