Junior Reid Enters The Danger Zone

Through its ongoing association with SoBe Entertainment, the Danger Zone Music Group has done it again this time by signing reggae icon and current international superstar

Junior ‘One Blood’ Reid.

April 22, 2008, Kingston – Junior Reid’s signing with The Danger Zone Music Group / SoBe Entertainment will soon bear fruit with the impending release of his latest album: Junior Reid: The Living Legend to be released through The Danger Zone Music Group / SoBe Entertainment and Leak Records. The album features tracks such as Mo Money, This Is Why I’m hot (remix), Black Roses and Bullet and has already been featured in RollingStone Magazine. Junior Reid will soon release his new single Don’t Play Me Dirty also off the upcoming album.

“Its great, could not be greater. This means more strength to Junior Reid. SoBe and Danger Zone linking together with Junior Reid can open new horizons and bring greater joy to my fans all over the world” – Danger Zone/SoBe Entertainment recording artiste, Junior Reid

Junior Reid has for over three decades been a regular staple in the reggae and dancehall realm. Beginning his career in the late nineteen seventies when he released tracks such as Human Nature, A1 Lover, and See How Me Black See How Me Shine, Junior Reid has now begun writing a new chapter is his impressive musical history.

Over the years Junior Reid has widened his horizons; his vocals have been used extensively on the hip hop scene. Noted for his collaboration with West Coast hip hop artist The Game on the Billboard hit It’s Okay (One Blood), Reid has also appeared on ‘Mims’ This Is Why I’m Hot (Remix), Fabolous’ album From Nothin’ to Somethin on the track Gangsta Don’t Play and Fat Joe’s track More Money to name a few. On November 18, 2007, Reid made another great step in his musical career performed alongside Alicia Keys at the 2007 American Music Awards and is also featured on a remixed version of Alicia Keys’ single No One.

Most recently, Junior Reid has done a track with Danger Zone/SoBe entertainment recording artiste Jah Cure titled Hot Long Time and it was through this collaboration that the alliance between Junior Reid and Danger Zone/SoBe Entertainment was minted.

“We have been in the music business together for many years admiring each other’s work. Through the Hot Long Time collaboration we were able to strengthen each other and out of that project came Reid’s signing with The Danger Zone Music Group /SoBe Entertainment. As our creed states; Unification Through Music and through this unity we strengthen Junior and he strengthens us” – Della Danger, CEO, Danger Zone Music Group.

Danger Zone continues to grow by leaps and bounds and its artiste continue to make great strides by creating good quality music. Through the signing of Junior Reid fans and music enthusiasts alike can only expect more high quality material from Danger Zone.