Just a Treat for the Eyes: Jamaican Beauty Queens

queensA couple of blogs ago, I ran photos of Miss USA and the runner-up in the controversial Miss Universe pageant that was held in Las Vegas recently. Controversial because media reports said the runner-up’s response to a question about same-sex marriage lost her the crown. I won’t repeat the details; you can scroll down to find them in that other blog. But I am using that blog as an excuse to run the picture at right. (I’m arguing that Jamaica deserves “equal time.”) The photo was published in the Jamaica Observer today and shows the 2008 Miss Jamaica Festival Queen, Katrina Grant, with first runner-up Traci Ann Wint ( left) and second runner-up Subrina Ward. The Observer used the start of this year’s Miss Jamaica Parish coronation contests as its excuse for running the picture.

So what has this contest got to do with gay marriage and American beauty contests? Nothing, really. I just thought you deserve a little eye candy after all the depressing political and economic topics I’ve been serving up. OK, so I’m sexist. So sue me.