Just Following Orders


Like  Adolf Eichmann, who tried to excuse his monstrous atrocities by saying he was “just following orders,” the border guards who are taking children away from their parents are committing a crime against humanity.

If I were a border guard, I would resign rather than obey such a heinous order.

But I  haven’t read of any mass resignations among the border guards. Don’t these people have a conscience?

How can they go home and hug their children after tearing other families apart?

Don’t tell me they are just doing their duty as law officers.

There is no law that mandates separation of families seeking asylum in the United States. As refugees, they have the right, under US and international law, to due process – as a family.

“Just following orders” is a pernicious mind set.

Without their “enforcers,” criminal overlords could not maintain their power.  And without apparatchiks who “just follow orders,” evil dictators could not implement their oppressive policies.

Mahatma Gandhi showed us we do not have to follow orders that conflict with our values. We can say no to the oppressor. We can opt out of a corrupt and cruel system.

By choosing to “go along,” the border guards are enablers of evil.

They may never be held accountable by the failed justice systems here on earth. But they will eventually have to answer to a far more awesome judge.

For what they are doing is not just a crime: it is a sin.

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