When Christ is Missing from “Christianity”

The signs will soon start popping up, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season,” and there will be ads urging us to “put Christ back in Christmas.” Who puts up these signs? Who pays for these ads?  I suspect they are the same people who contribute to the “Christian” organizations that shell out millions to lobby Congress.

A Pew study released this week shows that religious advocacy groups in Washington spent nearly $400 million last year to influence public policy. By far, the biggest spenders are “Christian.”

Four hundred million dollars!

Imagine what that amount of money could do to alleviate the suffering so prevalent in America today.

Last year,  a record 17.2 million American households (nearly 50 millions people) did not have enough food. Of these 3.9 million households included children.

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So what could be of such urgent concern to Christians that they would rather spend the money lobbying Congress than on feeding starving children?

Marriage for one thing.

According to the study, the National Organization for Marriage had the biggest budget increase “in percentage terms.” That’s the group that wants the government to prevent men from marrying men and women from marrying women.

So, these “Christians” believe that’s what Jesus would be most concerned about? Funny, I don’t recall reading anything about Jesus forbidding gays to marry each other. I recall Him telling us to feed the poor, especially hungry children.

What is it with these “Christians”?

Why can’t they live and let live? Why are they so devoted to ordering the rest of us about?

Why do they care so much about political issues and so little about the suffering of their fellow-citizens?

I am also bemused by the fact that so many “Christian” groups support conservative economic policies.

How on earth can they find anything in the teachings of Jesus that would justify the current assault on unemployment insurance, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, public education, food stamps, school lunches and every other government program that “tempers the wind to the shorn lamb”?

How about some signs this Christmas that say, “Let’s put Christ back into Christianity”?

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