Kids Literacy Resources

On-line literacy resourcesIt has always been my intention to gather as many reading and writing online resources and favourite links in general,  and package them nicely  into a “Resources” area on our Kid ‘N’ Play JA site.   Truth be told, I  just have not gotten around to getting the information on the site the way I want it.  Keep checking back though, it will be here soon.

Here are the links to two neat educational websites, Funbrain and Brainbashers.  Funbrain has fun activities for Math, Reading ,Writing and more, for you to enjoy with your children for free.  Brainbashers is a collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions.  I love the idea of children solving puzzles, as these puzzle-solving skills help with the development of abstract and ‘out of the box’ thinking low cost jordans.  These critical thinking skills can be applied to multiple scenarios throughout life.

If you have been keeping up with our posts here, I am sure you will notice that we encourage children to get away from the screen and get active.  So how come I am suggesting more screen time with computer games?  Short answer: You have to meet your children where they are.  Children love computers and computers are the future Nike Air Max 1 Essential Sale.  Especially now over the summer, if it is difficult to get your children to do some practice exercises in math and reading to maintain the learning of last school year, in the traditional format of books, maybe they will be more receptive to using the technology vehicle.  This is just another option available to you. We at Kid ‘N’ Play JA strongly believe in limiting screen time, whether TV, computer, video games etc. and getting the  kids active again.  I heard recently that 1 in 5 Jamaican children are at risk for obesity!!!  Alarming, as my friend reminded me that our problem used to be malnutrition!

While doing my usual  web surfing and catching up on some of my favourite children’s education bloggers, I came across an additional resource I want to share.  This post is from a guest contributor on Imagination Soup, and she shares some great online literacy resources also Cheap Air Jordan 8.

When you get a chance to use some of these tools with your children, I would love to get your feedback.  Were the children engaged, did they enjoy learning?  Are there other sites or tools you use?  I would love to hear about them.


Photo: vespar avenue