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Yendi And Kiki Tell All

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The bubbly dudette opens the floor: “Digicel Rising Stars is in its fifth year and is continuously evolving; the show has been dynamic and has even included the gospel genre and a live band this season.” Kiki explains further: “I have been with Digicel Rising Stars since the shows’ inception and I have been completely blown away by the young raw talent that the competition has introduced to us.” Underscoring a point, Kiki states: “I was somewhat surprised this year however, as from the onset of this season I could’ve told you who the top 5 would’ve been based on talent not votes.

“I give props to Digicel as the show has grown since the start of the season and is still captivating the audience more and more and I know it will be bigger and better season next year.”

Being with the competition for the first time, Miss Jamaica 2007, Yendi Phillipps relates her experience in this year’s competition: “I believe the competition has evolved tremendously, everyone’s comfort level with the stage and their performance ability has increased significantly”. As both hosts speak, there is evidence that they both agree on how the contestants have developed in self, performance, stage confidence as well as the impact they have had on the live set.

Yendi: “As individuals, the contestants have developed a ton. They are extremely fun loving and enjoy each other’s company and that’s always good.”

Kiki responds to Yendi: “Yendi for me, I think the contestants are developing into performing artists, they are in their teething stages but you would never know, the way they work the stage, cater to the audience and deliver their songs, it amazes me.”

Accepting Kiki’s point, Yendi comments on the contestants’ professionalism: “As professionals they’ve upped the ante; they go out there and rock to the best of their ability every week and I look on in admiration as I know how much they want it.”  Kiki now in total agreement: “I am very impressed with their growth!”

The new series host and the Chill Room host both have some amount of experience in the entertainment industry. Hence they are not afraid of voicing their opinions on the contestants’ choice of songs. And if you thought they were taking the judges job, they also took on their comments also.

Yendi opines: “More often than not I think they choose the right songs. As a performer though, I’m more interested in the package; song choice is important but I think the total presentation is even more important.”

Kiki adds: “The choice of songs this year for Lashana, Cameal, K’Alee and Kahlil have been on point, their songs fit their voices and they have been confident in the songs they selected. As for the judges’ comments, I love Anthony. I love him for his candour because the music/media business can chew you up and spit you out. The industry is filled with persons who share Anthony’s view but maybe 100 times worse, and as young artistes they need to learn to stand up strong no matter what if this is truly the field they want to be in. Nadine and Clyde are always fair.”

After the comments of the judges the viewers might at times see Yendi patting the contestants on the shoulder or some other reassuring actions, and we also may wonder what goes on in the Chill Room apart from the fun that Kiki and the Digicel Rising Stars massive show to us. The fact is numerous amounts of advice and reassurance goes in between segments and after the show.

Yendi: “I feel and understand what they’re going through as I was in the very same position at the Miss World pageant, where the opinion of individuals put a halt to one of my dreams. This, however, does not mean that one must give up; it is in that very moment of ‘defeat’ that you must triumph!” Yendi goes on further: “I remind them that these are the opinions of individuals and not an absolute truth.”

Kiki: “My assistance to them? I think that’s something the contestants should answer, what is important however is that they always believe in themselves and never hold their heads down”.

So, the two beautiful hosts have given their opinions of what they think of the show and how it has evolved thus far. It is now up to the remaining contestants to ensure that the Digicel Rising Stars keep shining.

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