King of the world

Michael Phelps has broken more records and won more medals than Usain Bolt, but I think that Bolt just stole the Olympic spotlight from him.
With absolutely no disrespect to Phelps or the swimming fraternity, the 100 metres track run is the premier event on the Olympics calendar and Jamaican Usain Bolt won in such spectacular fashion, eclipsing every other event in the Games.
Congratulations must also go to Trinidad and Tobago’s Richard Thompson who finished second, and American Walter Dix, third. My sympathy goes out to Jamaicans Asafa Powell and Michael Frater, but like the rest of the field, they can at least claim they were there when a Jamaican lowered the world mark to below 9.7.
What a spectacular view it must have been!
Congratulations to Jamaica on the whole for continuing to prove that a small country can achieve great things. Not only should we let that be an inspiration to ourselves, but it should help quell the doubting voices in us, that we can never be good enough.
Congratulations Usain Bolt, king of the world.