Meet The Magnum Kings And Queens Of Dancehall Finalists: Ocho Rios

Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall continues to unearth new talent. In this light and with the mantra of discovering talent in every nook and cranny; Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall presents the Ocho Rios finalists.

Triple Threat

Groups are in every genre of music and dancehall is no exception. Gangsta Wasp, Medallion and Crazy Kid are celebrated as the only group so far to make it to the Live Show round; they are doing so under the name Triple Threat. The young group has been together since 2005 but have a strange tale of how they got together for Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. “I auditioned in May Pen and was turned down, Medallion went to Portmore and Montego Bay, and Crazy Kid went to May Pen, Portmore and Montego Bay and they too got turn down, we then decided that we would go as a group to Ocho Rios and that’s how we made it to the final round” said Gansta Wasp. Medallion who hails from St. Catherine revealed, “It is like a dream come through, we work very hard and dedicate a lot of time to our music, we won’t disappoint.”


Songwriter and sing-jay Destiny admits that she loves music and that her music icon in the industry is Lady Saw. Coming from a musical family and with years of experience there was no surprise that she would blow away voters and cop one of the spots from the Ocho Rios audition with her original song, Goodas Gal . “I’m looking to Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall most of all for the exposure,” beamed Destiny. She continued: “I have this fear of performing on stage, so I’m seeing this competition helping me to overcome that fear”.

Sexy K

With lyrical prowess and style, Sexy K started singing in the church at 6 years-old. She still recalls the songs that she used to croon. Maturing in the choir and delivering acts while at her past high school in Oracabessa, she has grown into the capable deejay. Like the boys she was never afraid to belt out a chorus or an entire song at lunch or break time; when she wetted the appetites of her friends. She confirms: “I have exciting dreams about the music business and entertainment, so I will make use of this opportunity to enhance my career”.