Konshens Shot a Fire – long time me a wait pon a artist fi call it out

gun smoke inna di breeze, people a depend pon it ovaseas

is like a call to arms…or a call to lay down arms….or a call fi consider weh all a di arms inna di ghetto dem a come from.

di video drop from August but yu know sometimes me late

a long time di artist dem a talk bout di link between politics and di gun dem inna di ghetto but da one yah clear and concise and yu haffi well fool if by it done yu nuh see di links

who dat a talk? you dat a talk? you weh nuh have nuh gun a cuddn you dat a talk?….di yute dem dark. dem seh di yute dem vicious, from dem reach 13 dem seh dem look suspicious. but weh dem likkle yute deh fi get dem big gun deh fi buss dem up from Sunday to Sunday?

And a true. we same one nuh trus di yute dem when dem walk pass we car a night time, but we continue fi trust di politician dem weh perpetuate di system weh tun di yute dem inna killing machine. how we biased so? we awrite if yu pay a man fi kill a man, so long as a him nuh do di killing?
and day in day out we nuh waan see.


big up Konshens fi da one yah.

big up Konshens fi di part weh him say di man dem nuh fi depend pon no man or ooman (politician) depend pon demself. di man even go so far as fi say nuh depend pon nuh orange and nuh depend pon nuh green.

because as bad as di poiliticians are…..smaddy a tek di money….and dat a part a di problem…if people woulda stop tek dem dutty money dis cuddn gwaan.

and me know tings hard and when yu hungry yu mek all kinda decision, but more often dan not yu mek di decision fi kill di man weh a suffer side a yu pon di behalf a smaddy weh gone a dem big yard go sleep when it done. dat nuh mek sense. a slavery business dat. set dem pon dem one anedda and never shall they rise.

di one ting me nuh like wid di video….di part weh dem kill di politician a di end.

it defeat di purpose. either way what you are saying is di ghetto yute born fi tun murderer. and me feel we need fi offer dem more dan dat. it nuh mek sense yu stop kill poor people fi start kill di rich, a life is a life.
and if yu a seh dem fi stop put gun inna di ghetto yute hand and mek dem have di childhood and some opportunities den di gun dem jus haffi come outta dem hand period.


big up to Konshens and Dameon Gayle fi da one yah

Good song

Great Video

All di acting good

symbolism and imagery and everyting tun up.


run een