Mentoring/Internship Launch, June 13, 2008, Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia.  On June 13, 2008, the elegant Junor Fine Art Gallery was the venue for the launch of the Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Coalition (GCAHC) mentoring/internship program.  The launch reception took place against the backdrop of Caribbean art that was being exhibited as part of Caribbean American Heritage Month.  Among the many attendees were some elected officials and representatives from the DeKalb Office of Arts, Culture & Entertainment.  Also present were the artists, whose works were being exhibited at the gallery.

Attendees welcomed two of the first group of interns:  Teniqua Richardson and Kyle Williams, both of whom are high school juniors at Stephenson High School and Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy, respectively.  Teniqua will intern at the Junor Fine Art Gallery, and a suitable business is still being sought for Kyle Williams, who is interested in working in the music industry.  The internships are scheduled to begin on July 1, 2008.  The directors of the program, Steve Julal, CPA, and Dr. Princess Beckford, remarked on the value of such a program in helping students to select their future courses of study and ultimately, choose an appropriate trade or profession.

Businesses in several disciplines are also currently being sought for other prospective interns.  Details of the program can be obtained by visiting, by mail to Georgia Caribbean American Heritage Coalition, P.O. Box 392, Atlanta, Georgia 30301, telephone 404-752-6080, e-mail [email protected].