Laundry Day in Big Farrin – Anancy Gyal Reporting from China

Mi dear Friends & Fambly,
You ask me if I’m bored?  What name so? That word definitely does not exist in China (at least not in my vocabulary, as there are so many things to do and learn. Plus right now, I coulda get a job as a “high-class”  Domestic Engineer –everything  on schedule, and down to a “T” . Me wash – at night so me cyan hang de clothes fe dry, in the shower stall, do “light cleaning –no windows, Mam”  cook and iron. (Me even find some old fashioned  “bwile and draw starch” , after another session of miming with the Housekeeping staff) me finally know the word “dianfen”(a word I am not likely to forget).

Did I tell you that I am seriously studying the language? I engaged a tutor(one of the students –so we exist symbiotically, as I clarify and supplement her English. (even learning to write) . For it’s amazing, and rewarding,  to see the “light” that comes on, and the smile that erupts, when you can communicate in the language “mingbai ma?”/ understand?”
Well after the ironing (while the floor is still clean –just mopped.) I am going to cook. (The MSG is playing havoc wid me Blood pressure) and yes- I am making stewed pork, (with ginger) and rice. (Yesterday it was Rice and stewed pork, as the rice was more than the “salt kind”). Tomorrow?- who knows; the saga continues . Plus me learn at least 6 different ways to cook chicken and pork (in a skillet). So no mi dear- me no bored – me creative. An’ now, me tiahd.

Keep me informed   of  the “Yard News”, especially of the plans for the “50th”. Me really miss mi yard fe true.

Teck care, my love and “Walk Good’