Lawd, How do we get Jamaica on the right list?

I am definitely a sucker for reports especially those dealing with trends. I was settling in wowing and awing about this report on the impact of mobile technology and then I came to page 99.

There we are, in an infamous place like a criminal in a line up .There is Jamaica showing off itself as the Bolt of debt, racing towards oblivion.

Ok, we came in second, but apart from Greece, we are the only developing country in the top ten! The source of this data is the bank where we have set up house and home, the IMF.

The real price tag for being in this major debt league has a consequential generational legacy. Debt servicing crowd out and choke off the life investments needed to create a dynamic Jamaica in the foreseeable future.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I would wear rose tinted glasses to most situations. So me raising this issue connotes the serious situation we face that should give us pause before we mindlessly plunge into orgies of Olympic and independence celebrations. I now fully appreciate the past prime minister’s soberness in his independence address a few years back.

The task of any leader will be to spark the enterprising nature of Jamaicans into a Bolt-like fervor to escape the hungry debt lion.

The global gloom as scrambled and soften the commitment of previous strong alliances. Charity begins at home is the growing chorus and home-bound development will limit investments abroad by the developed nations. Yes, we have entered the G-Zero world, to reflect the balance of leadership and power. Before we had the G8, led by the US, but the burdens of this leadership is given way to restoring each developed country job and wealth capacity.

This new reality has given rise to a new vocabulary, where developed countries are segmented into two categories, shadow states, or Pivot states. Figure 2 illustrates the parameters that determine how nations are categorized.

Thankfully, Jamaica has not being placed on any of these charts in a public way.

If you were going to place Jamaica on this list:
• Where would you place her currently?
• What is your personal horizon to get her to pivot state status?
• What means would you sue to get us there?
We can treat this as the best of times or the worst of times.
Our determined action focused in a unified direction can create our Pivot state!