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Leaders Urged Congressman To Halt War And Press AU

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“War is obsolete” responded Congressman John Lewis as he was pressed by leading members of the African Diaspora to push the U.S. government to stop the funding of the illegal war on Libya, Africa and to work with the African Union (AU) to expedite the establishment of an “union government of Africa” to promote, protect and empower Africa and African people in the world.
On highlighting the African Diaspora historic bond with Africa for peace, justice and development, Min. P.D. Menelik Harris speaking on behalf of Rev. Dr. Ndugu T’Ofori-Atta, reminded the civil rights icon of Dr. King’s timeless proclamation for African Americans to support Africa, stating that the Diaspora has a “special relationship with Africa. It is the land of their origin. It was despoiled by invaders… to justify white supremacy… (Diaspora) must find the resources to aid his suffering brothers in his ancestral homeland.” Dr. Atta is a Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellow and co-founder of the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) and the Religious Heritage of the African World at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC).
The press conference on Wednesday June 29, 2011 next to the office of Congressman John Lewis was called mainly to provide an investigative report to the American people on the United States involvement in the illegal French led NATO attack on Libya, rejected now by the African Union (AU) as a bogus war on Africa and to warn the AU and Black leaders to take decisive actions to counter what is now confirmed by many as a deceptive attempt for the “re-colonization” of Africa.
The press conference and briefing was led by the Honorable Cynthia McKinney, Minister Akbar Muhammad, Joe Beasley, Sobukwe Shukura, Minister P.D. Menelik Harris and members of the Libya “Dignity Delegation”. During the press conference Minister Akbar Muhammad stressed the importance of the historic precedent of a Black president of the United States supporting colonial nations in the attack on the president’s Ancestral Homeland, Africa and also attempting to murder President Khadaffi, a leader who has provided invaluable support to the AU and the advancement of African people.
Cynthia McKinney and other members of the “Dignity Delegation” spoke of their horrifying experiences in Libya, of people being killed by the United States billion dollar bombs. She proclaimed “shame on our leaders” for wasting money and lives in an illegal war when the world is suffering from poverty, poor education, poor health, and the exploitation of women and children.
Mr. Kofi Adjei and Dr. Sharifa Saa, Co-chairs of WADU in the state of Georgia read a joint statement calling the AU an extension of the Pan African Movement (PAM) that is responsible to all Africans including the African Diaspora. The statement reminded everyone that PAM was initiated in the 19th century to stop the colonialism of Africa and that Africa is now endangered by the same colonial forces with the attack on states such as Libya and Ivory Coast and that more crises in Africa may attract additional military adventures in Africa with the excuse of ‘saving’ Africa. It also called for Diaspora solidarity with Africa against any and all forms of imperialist aggressions on Africa.
The joint statement called for actions such as: 1. The immediate cessation of all foreign military assaults on Africa by air, land and sea; 2.  The AU to immediately establish a ‘union government’ of Africa and the activation of the African High Command capable of protecting and promoting African interests, everywhere; 3. African communities and all people of good-will to engage in continuous actions across the world to halt the USA and NATO military attacks on Africa; 4. The total elimination of all foreign military bases from African soil; and 5. A unified 6th region African Diaspora with representation and dual-citizenship as a way to fully participate in promoting and empowering Africa in the 21st century, and beyond.
The press conference was represented by a wide array of national and local organizations such as the Nation of Islam, RainbowPush Coalition, Africa Ascension, World African Diaspora Union (WADU), All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (AAPRP), the Religious Heritage of the African World – Pan African Ministers, the African Community Centers, UNIA/ACL, The Green Party, International Action Center, African Association of Georgia, the New Black Panther Party, The Dignity Delegation, Concerned Black Clergy of Atlanta, Sankofa Church and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).
Finally, Congressman John Lewis was urged to help take the leadership with those such as Cynthia McKinney, Minister Akbar Muhammad, Joe Beasley and other WADU and African Diaspora leaders to strengthen and protect the gains of the AU in the freedom of Black people worldwide. Dr. T’Ofori-Atta is especially urging the civil rights leader to help lead this African Diaspora delegation to meet with the AU leaders immediately.
A community forum with the “Dignity Delegation” will be held on June 23, 2011/6:00 p.m. at the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Atlanta, GA. Also, everyone is al invited to participate in the August 13, 2011 Million March for Africa in Harlem.

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