Legendary Chaka Demus Collaborates with Dynamic Panamanian Trio, Las Bambitches

Get ready to embark on a remarkable musical journey with the legendary Chaka Demus teaming up with the dynamic Panamanian female trio, Las Bambitches, in their electrifying track ‘I Feel It.’ This genre-blurring fusion of reggae and pop, released on August 25th, promises an unforgettable musical experience.

Legendary Chaka Demus Collaborates with Dynamic Panamanian Trio, Las Bambitches
Chaka Demus, a seasoned artist with a musical career spanning decades, is celebrated for his chart-topping hits and unique toasting style deeply rooted in Jamaican culture. ‘I Feel It‘ pulses with an irresistible reggae-infused rhythm, effortlessly blending reggae, dancehall, and pop, showcasing Demus’ prowess in creating unforgettable melodies.

Las Bambitches, composed of Canadian artist Wynter and Panamanian talents Carmen and Noni, bring their vibrant vocals to the mix. Their diverse cultural backgrounds reflect the rich Latino heritage, injecting ‘I Feel It‘ with a burst of fresh energy by fusing elements of dancehall, pop, Afrobeat, and various Latino rhythms.

Eager to infuse a touch of Latin flair into the track, Demus reached out to the renowned Latin American DJ, Chiquidubs. Hailing from Panama, Chiquidubs played an essential role in bringing together this group of talented individuals and making the collaboration a reality. This collaboration is a true meeting of musical minds, resulting in a sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

According to Chaka Demus, ” ‘I Feel It’ goes beyond being just a song; it offers an immersive musical experience that connects people through the universal language of music. The journey of collaborating with Las Bambitches has been extraordinary, and together, we’ve created something both familiar and groundbreaking.

Once again, Chaka Demus and Las Bambitches have proven that music transcends boundaries. Their collaboration breaks through cultural and geographical barriers, delivering a universal groove destined to become a staple on playlists around the world.

‘I Feel It’ is available worldwide on all major streaming platforms HERE (https://onerpm.link/cd-ifeelit).

Label: Bright Star Production
Executive Producer: John Taylor (Bright Star Production)
Producer: John C Taylor
Co Producer: DJ Chiquidubs
Vocal Production (Panama): Wynter Rosen
Writers: Chaka Demus and Las Bambitches
Mixed by: Fatta Marshall