Leighton Levy: Jamaican Athletes Need To Start Using Their Talents For Material Gain

It was so refreshing to see Shelly Ann Fraser on WPIX and on BET on 106 and Park recently. SAFP, the two-time Olympic 100-metre champion, 200-metre silver medalist and 2009 World Champion is a delightfully cheerful soul who deserves much more limelight than she currently gets.

SAFP is one of a handful of Jamaican athletes who are great brand ambassadors; they possess that combination of extraordinary talent and personality that allows them to transcend boundaries and engage audiences on an emotional level. Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter that has ever lived has used those same qualities to attract a raft of sponsors that pay him in excess  of US$20 million a year. Fraser Pryce doesn’t earn anywhere close to that but she is sp0nsored by Digicel and Grace Kennedy and I am sure that with the right strategy she could attract more global sponsors. Read more on Leighton’s blog.