Let’s All Stop Watching MSNBC and See What Happens

matthewsolbermannI am not going to watch MSNBC tonight… or any night from now on. Or any morning. Or afternoon, for that matter. And if you consider yourself a “liberal,” I suggest you give the network a pass, too. This is the only way I have of protesting against MSNBC-TV’s muzzling of Keith Olbermann (photo at right) and Chris Matthews (far right), two of the handful of TV commentators who don’t pander to right-wing viewers all the time. Sorry Rachel, I was planning to tune in for the debut of your show, but a boycott is a boycott.

gregoryscarboroughIf MSNBC thinks that I want to watch David Gregory (photo, far right), who thinks he is an aristocrat (yeah, I know, what a joke!) because his father was a Broadway producer and his wife is the legal counsel for Fanny Mae, I have news for the “news” network. And as for ex-Congressman Joe Scarborough (photo at right), don’t make me laugh! Those guys should be on Fox News as far as I am concerned. In fact, I think the suits at General Electric should just shut down MSNBC and leave the pandering to Fox. They do it better.

We don’t need two right-wing – oops, sorry, make that three – right-wing 24-hour news stations in America. (I’d momentarily forgotten how spineless CNN has become since Ted Turner sold that network). The wholesale perversion of television newscasting in America has reached the point where a lot of people now get their information from the Internet. It won’t be too long before advertisers realize that while they may all be Republicans, many of their customers are Democrats, who are not going to listen to right-wing propaganda indefinitely.