Let's Do This Thing

It’s funny how things come around full circle. I was here fiddling with my google account and found a few blog entries I wrote last year. I remember coming back from vacation and thinking that it was time for me to start being authentic. I have come a far way in my thinking and my journey so that means I have been making progress:)
Life lesson from reading those old blog post: Even when you don’t see things happening the way you want them to, keep moving forward. Your purpose is being revealed with every step.
Enjoy my transparency. July, 2010
I started this blog because I had this crazy idea of using my life and my journey to inspire others who are on, or will be starting a new journey of their own. It’s my lofty aspiration that someone will read my ramblings and find the strength to do that which they desire to do, in spite of. I speak from my heart, and I express my emotions as they become real to me. I allow myself to be  vulnerable, and I hope that with each entry, you are able to feel my heart.
The biggest thing I ever had to do in my life is believe I CAN. My parents think I start and stop many things because I am indecisive, but the truth is…..I stopped because I doubted myself. Instead of pushing beyond, the failures and the setbacks, I gave up… that is so easy to do.
Over the last year, I thought about giving up on this dream, and aborting the journey many times, but I am blessed to have some really good friends and my little sister who TRULY believe in me and my abilities. Whenever, I come to them with any negativity and self doubt, they tell me like it is. Yesterday I had Phillip tell me, if I wanted to let him down, stop moving forward. My girl Martha from South Carolina tell me often that I am the best photographer she knows. My high school advisor and dear friend Glen calls me from Jamaica every morning to ask me why the blog has not been posted. He and all the others, keep me grounded. It’s not easy, but when I start to feel sorry for myself,  I think about them, I cry sometimes and then tell myself I CAN DO THIS and keep on moving.  Some of you might be wondering why I would cry about starting over on many own, but the truth of the matter is  this…. the unknown scares me; the walking by faith in the dark without a clue as to how things will turn out is more than intimidating.

It’s time to get serious and do this thing! I am going all out now! Are you with me? If you are, click on the journey supporters tab on my blog page and come along for the ride. One day, you will be able to say, I was there with her in the beginning ……look at her NOW 🙂
Yesterday my business partner David Muir came over for us to test some new lights and have a mini photo-shoot with my girls. The girls had a blast, Kayla and Mahalia changed several outfits and just allowed themselves to be swept away by the experience. I can’t explain the emotions, I feel when I am behind the camera. But it is a gift for you to be able to look at your client and pull out the emotions and feelings within them that they never knew existed.
In the end, I got a little treat of my own when David presented me with one of the shirts we will be wearing when we go out on location, ( I don’t dig the green, but it beats wearing black for an outdoor wedding this saturday). I am really impressed with David’s level of professionalism.  Check out the pictures of me having some fun in front of the camera for a change:) All photos by © David Muir.
Live! Love! LAUGH A LOT 🙂
Listen…I take my business serious
If you could see what I am laughing at:)
That is too funny
I am falling…please don’t let the camera fall!


Then There were these. Can’t give you too much…ha ha
Classy lady with a camera
I do serious damage with this baby
WOW! Do you know how refreshing that was to see. I failed so many times on this journey, but I kept going!
If you would like to be the affection of my next photo shoot. Check out my website at www.kymariemcewan.com 
Never let someone else tell you what they believe is possible for your life.
What would you do, if you knew you would not fail