Let’s Hope “Low-Intelligence Adults” Don’t Vote

President Obama faces a formidable foe in November – stupidity.

And I have scientific evidence to back up this view.

New research at Brock University in Ontario reveals that low-intelligence adults tend to adopt socially conservative ideologies, which stress hierarchy and resistance to change. And these attitudes contribute to prejudice.

I have long suspected something of the sort.

Every poll shows about a third of the American population clinging to outdated conservative beliefs in the face of all evidence.

You may have heard some of them yelling and screaming during those Republican presidential primary debates, booing gay servicemen and declaring that uninsured accident victims should be left to die.

And you know they will vote Republican in November despite anything the president might say or do. If they can find their way to the polls.

These are the kind of people Hodson describes as “low-intelligence adults.”

And it’s this “low intelligence” that Republicans are counting on.

In an article in Consortium News, Robert Parry examines the myth of supply-side economics, which Republicans are touting as the panacea for America’s economic woes.

Parry notes that:

All four remaining Republican hopefuls – Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich – have proposed lower tax rates especially on the rich with the same enduring but fanciful faith in “supply-side” economics.

Reminding us that “America’s three-decade experiment with low tax rates on the rich, lax regulation of corporations and ‘free trade’ has been a catastrophic failure, creating massive federal debt, devastating the middle class and off-shoring millions of American jobs,” he reasons:

You might think that few Americans would be fooled again by this sucker bet on “supply-side.” But the Tea Partiers and many rank-and-file Republicans seem ready to put what’s left of their money back down on the gambling table.

You might think so, indeed, if so many voters weren’t  “low-intelligence adults.”

And if “low-intelligence adults” weren’t so prejudiced.

As Perry points out:

The GOP hopes also may hinge significantly on how determined some whites are to get the country’s first black president out of the White House. Historically, demagogic U.S. politicians have had great success in exploiting racial resentments, although these days often with coded language like Gingrich calling Barack Obama “the food-stamp president.”

If you encounter any of these “low-intelligence adults,” try not to argue with them. They won’t understand a word you’re saying. Just smile and walk away.

You can only hope they turn on each other, the way the presidential candidates are doing, and that some of them get so mad they stay home  in November.

Click here to read Parry’s article.