“Let’s Talk About Race!” Says Jamaican-Born Actress Turned Podcast Host Denise Hunt

Jamaican-born actress turned Podcast Host and Life Coach Denise Hunt will use her platform to shine a spotlight on issues of race during Black History Month.

“Let’s Talk About Race!” Says Jamaican-born Actress Turned Podcast Host Denise Hunt1
Photo Credit- Roxann Green-Goulbourne

Hunt, best known for her scene stealing role in the hit film How Stella Got Her Groove Back, is producer and host of the popular podcast Random Thoughts Live. The podcast airs on her instagram site @denisesizzlefithunt every Thursday evening at 8pm EST.

She began the month with a focus on People of Color and their mental health, and for the remainder of February she will cover additional issues such as Race in Interracial Relationships and Race and The Church. Her final segment of the month, Black Inequality and Money, will feature a special guest.

According to Hunt, while the subjects she will cover are totally appropriate for Black History Month, they are really life changing issues  that should be contemplated  and dissected  at all times.

“Black History Month is an excellent time to get really real as people of color and take a hard look at the issues that affect us,” she says. “But these are year round conversations.  I fear that the mistake many of us make is to use the month of February to honor the history and accomplishments of black people and then revert to our old ways and habits for the other eleven months. It’s like a failed New Year’s resolution – ‘We must and will do better’- and then we don’t. I’m hoping that this month’s shows on RTL will serve as the catalyst for this much needed ongoing dialogue.”

Hunt is passionate about using her own life experiences to inform the topics she raises on the show.

Now married to her husband David -who is caucasian- for the past two years, she was  born and raised in deep poverty in Kingston Jamaica but pursued dual careers in acting and broadcasting after high school, rising to become one of the Caribbean’s most successful  and  best known  media personalities. Yet, even after receiving excellent reviews for her work on stage, television and in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, she was plagued by low self esteem and feelings of inadequacy. She suffered from depression and anxiety for many years before becoming a born again Christian and switching professions from entertainment and media to fitness and Life Coaching.

“I don’t bring any topic to my podcast show unless it’s something I know about personally, either having lived it myself or through close observation,” she says. “But as a black woman raised poor in Jamaica and now living in Texas, married to a caucasian man, every one of the issues I will cover this month are matters I know about personally. I have been discriminated against – even in my home country, and here – due to my skin color. I have been rich and I have also been very poor.  And as a black Christian, I have seen racial bias and insensitivity in the church. I have lived through it all. And I’m feeling ready to talk about it now.  As such, I think audiences will find this month’s shows to be entertaining, informative and, in some cases, an eye opening shock to the system. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

Hunt was most recently seen as a presenter at the WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) South Central District GROW Conference on February 4, where she delivered two highly attended and well received  presentations on her subject,  Culture in Christianity and The Lutheran Experience- An Immigrant’s Perspective.

She operates her own company, SizzleFit Faith and Fitness in Austin, Texas where she guides and supports the mental, spiritual and physical well being of clients of all ages.