Letter to My Daughters

My Dearest Daughters,

Please forgive your old man and let me use this forum to talk with you.  I know it may be embarrassing, but I wanted to encourage this type of conversation between parents and their   kids.  As always, I thank God for each of you.  You each uniquely bring a special joy to my life.


Let me share with you what spurred this mode of communication.  last week I saw a college student made a fool of himself  in asking President Obama for assistance with his career at McDonalds.  What a tragedy! Where did this person develop such an attitude!


There is a proverb or a curse attributed to the Chinese that goes like this:

May you live in interesting times.

This to me is classically Chinese, they recognize the promise and the peril, like ying and yang.



First, let me share some of the perils we face.  The economic tsunami have exposed corporate bad guys who outraged us by receiving billions in taxpayer bailout dollars and then turning around and awarding themselves and their cronies lavish corporate bonuses.  The present political class is posing to be our saviors, lambasting the sins of the financial class, while loading up the needed stimulus package with enough pork to start a hog farm.  I trust these guys as much as I trust a mongoose next to a chicken coop. (See stimulus details here)

Stimulus details

Please remember this:

Facebook, Amazon, EBay, Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, IBM,  and of course, Apple did not become successful enterprises by government initiative.  It was visionary folks who networked with like-minded people scraped together the needed VC funding , took the risk and launch the enterprise. 

Let me take a few moments and share my heart with you.


 Daily Dozen for the Daley Daughters

Nourish your spirit and mind daily in the WORD and use other proven inspirational sources.
Listen to new ideas, but filter them through the prism of your principal convictions.
Stay true to your convictions even if you are majority of one.
Do not give your ears to the media naysayers who are only announcing doom.
Be a student of history and recognize the forces at work.
Pledge to be a life long learner and develop your potential to its fullest.
Continue to set goals, set deadlines, and measure your progress.
Focus on what you want, not what you fear.
Never lose your sense of urgency on the goals you set for yourself.
Work hard and smart.
Develop a solid network of fabulous friends.

Go for it, and never play it safe.



Continued success in your endeavors.

Become a hero of these times and remember:

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.



I close with a link to an inspiring movie.

Click on it, invest 2 minutes, and be blessed.




So, what are you sharing with your kids during these challenging times?