Giving Liberals a Bad Name



The bad behavior of protesters at both the Democratic and Republican conventions is a reminder of the reason “liberal” has – unfairly – become a bad word for so many Americans.

To me, there’s nothing “liberal” about burning the American flag – or any country’s flag for that matter. It’s just disrespectful. And there’s nothing “liberal” about booing convention speakers or shouting them down. It’s just rude.

If you’re old enough to remember, you will recall that people who were mistakenly called liberals did that kind of thing during the Sixties. Some even resorted to violence and sabotage.

They weren’t liberals then. And they aren’t liberals now.

They are, in reality, fascists.

Liberals are, above all, tolerant. They respect other people’s opinions, and they defend the right to express ideas with which they disagree.

Fascists impose their doctrines by force. They do not tolerate dissent.

Ironically, some Bernie supporters are acting like fascists while ostensibly embracing his socialist ideas.

To me, Hillary’s acceptance speech last night exemplified the liberal view of society. How any Bernie supporter could still doubt her sincerity beats me.

In my view, these folks are not really supporters of Bernie Sanders. They are just soreheads who jumped on his bandwagon. Mindless rebels looking for a cause.

It’s people like that who make real progress and social justice so hard to achieve in a diverse society like America’s.