LIBYA – International Prayer And Action Forum On Pan Africa Sunday, July 24, 2011

The RHAW Pan African Ministers are urging faith leaders, congregations, organizations and leaders across the world to mark Sunday July 24, 2011 as an international day of “Prayer and Action” on behalf of African people in Africa and the African Diaspora, especially those in Libya, Ivory Coast, the Congo, Haiti and Somalia. In Atlanta, Ga., the gathering on Pan Africa Sunday will be at the historic Shrine of the Black Madonna marking the 111th anniversary of the formal launching of the modern Pan African Movement culminating in the African Union.
In Atlanta, the public will be joining with prominent leaders and members of the African Diaspora in a community forum on the ongoing murderous bombing attack on Libya, Africa. The public forum in Atlanta will be led by the former congresswoman and U.S. presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, Minister Akbar Muhammad and other members of the “Libya Delegation” to provide current updates and their investigative Fact-Finding Mission to Libya.
The people’s meeting is to report to the American people on the United States involvement in the French led NATO attack on Libya, rejected now by the African Union (AU) as a violation of African sovereignty. Second, it is also to warn the African Union and Black leaders to take decisive actions to protect its people after centuries of colonialism and slavery to counter what is now confirmed by many as the “re-colonization” of Africa. Finally, the press conference is to urge the American people to press their government to de-fund the war and use its limited resources to support economic justice, jobs, education and peace across the U.S. and the world.
Initiated by the RHAW at ITC, Pan Africa Sunday marking a new post chattel slavery era of Africans in most of the Americas, was convened to halt the European 1885 Berlin Conference unified invasion plan to totally decimate Africa through imperialism, slavery and colonialism. The 1900 African conference in England was supported by African leaders such as Emperor Menelik 11 (Ethiopia), Bishop McNeil Turner, Rev. Dr. Edward Blyden (Virgin Island), Benito Sylvain (Haiti), Sylvester Williams (Trinidad), Booker T. Washington and Dr. WEB Dubois. Pan African Ministers are urging all faith leaders to invite African ambassadors, WADU and affiliated leaders, African activists and Africa experts to discuss and act on critical Africa related issues with their congregations.

Please join us in Atlanta at 4:00 p.m. and everywhere in the world in prayer and action on Sunday July 24, 2011.