Life in a Bubble

Today I will go to Publix, There’s no beer in the fridge, and the cats are running low on Fancy Feast (and the canned salmon I give them as a treat). Those cats! They live better than a lot of people.

I know you’re thinking why don’t we buy canned salmon for people? We do – kind of. We send money to Lighthouse Ministries, and donate to food drives. Not nearly enough of course. See what you’ve done? You’ve made me feel guilty.

But the cats are here where we can see their needs. Those needy people are out of sight, and, I suppose, out of mind.

We live in a bubble, Sandra and I. We sit on the breezeway and admire the lake as we sip our morning coffee. And we sit on the breezeway and watch the cats watching the sun go down.

The sun is shining today. Yesterday the sky was dark and it rained off and on, sometimes a drizzle, occasionally a downpour.

I played golf anyway – Julius and I. Two codgers dodging raindrops and grumbling at our flubbed shots. By the 13th hole, we had had enough. We decided to call it quits. We’ll be back on the golf course on Monday, God willing.

Meanwhile, in the real world, all hell is breaking loose. Islamic militants are rampaging and beheading and raping. The folks in Ferguson are protesting the apparent police disregard for the lives of black teenagers. And the pundits on TV are pontificating about it all, as usual.

Thank God there are golf tournaments to watch today. For me, anyway. Sandra will likely find relief in a Turner Classic Movie. That’s when she isn’t Swiffering – you can’t possibly imagine the cat fur she has to contend with! Or reading the local newspaper. She will probably be calling me any minute to share some outrageous letter to the editor. This part of Florida is Republican territory and the letters can be really ripe.

Maybe I’ll do some yard work. The garden is overgrown – ferns and Mexican petunias are smothering the other plants and the walkways are choked. I guess it’s because of all the rain we’ve been having.

Maybe I’ll sweep the patio. The rain unloads dirt and leaves and twigs on it faster than we can clean it.

Or maybe not.  The overgrown garden will be there tomorrow, and it will probably rain again this afternoon and mess up the patio.

Besides, I have to go to Publix.