Life Returns To You What You Give To It

I can’t believe it is already Thursday. A lot has happened since the week began, and who is to tell what will happen before it ends. All I want to do however is make the most of the day, and learn as much as possible from it.
Today I want to share with you an article I read earlier. So many times we confuse ourselves and make things worse by trying to force ourselves to find answers to questions we seek, instead of just being still and waiting for the answer to manifest itself. It is my prayer that this post will find itself in the hands of someone who is looking for precisely this answer.

Pills For A Pessimists
J.W. Wiglesworth, D.N.

The devil worry spoils more digestions than whiskey.
Fussing, fuming, fearing and apprehending what?
Usually nothing.
They are all pure and simple evidence of ignorance or bodily distortion.
Your body is influenced by your mind.
Your mind is influenced by your body.
An uncertain minds worries.
A sick body stimulates worry.
A worrier’s thoughts run riots.
They roll in, one crowding the other out of order and arrangement.
It’s uncontrolled thinking.
Worriers are like ships on the angry ocean, tosses here and there without any self-control.
The worrier is either physically disorganized, or he proves his lack of confidence in God by worrying.
Worry is cowardice if your body is all right.
And besides,“I am an old man and have worried much over things that never happened.”
Fear freezes us up and puts our frustration into cold storage.
You  stop when you fear.
You chill your vitals and stand like a frozen being.
What is fear? Just,“I’m afraid”:
You must face the music of life.
Your future is not today, but today makes your future.
Fretting and fearing make a fitting future for themselves.
If you want to be sick– want to devitalize and destroy your body–then fear and worry about things.
It is a sure method of making a diseased future.
Let this soak in. 
Hate is ungodly and ruins our bodies and minds.
Beauty is skin deep they say.
“Skin deep” beauty becomes “skin deep,” body full, disposition ruining ugliness under the magic wand of hate.
Hate is a low-down,degrading,uncivilized,detestable thing.
The woman or man in the gutter, in the lowest walk of life– is royalty beside the hater.
You can’t be good.
You can’t be reasonable.
You can’t think.
You can’t eat.
Hate and your body will show its mark– so will your future.
You can’t do good.
You can’t be sane–and be jealous.
You should consider your mind sacred.If you desecrate it with jealousy, you are ugly,unstable, and an undesirable member of society.
These four–worry,fear,hate and jealousy–are the ravages of good health.
Your body and mind must both be right and be healthy.
An unhealthy body makes an unhealthy mind.
An unhealthy mind, makes an unhealthy body.
Good thoughts lead to health,wealth and happiness.
Bad thoughts lead to sickness,poverty and hell.
Look into the mirror and smile at yourself.
Positive Affirmation: Today I will remember to walk in gratitude. I will not worry about the things I can not control. I will believe that God will provide for me all the things I need for this day. I will speak words of life and truth. I will treat others just the way I would want to be treated even if they don’t treat me in kind. I will exercise self-control.