Like a Gangster Movie


This Trump presidency seems more and more like an old gangster movie. When the president’s personal lawyer invokes the Fifth Amendment  to avoid answering questions in a lawsuit involving a porn star, you have to wonder what’s coming next.

You remember that mobsters were always “taking the Fifth” in those old gangster movies, don’t you?

The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, as you surely know, protects Americans from testifying against themselves. So only someone in danger of confessing to a crime would need to rely on this provision.

And that’s what Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen (above with porn star Stormy Daniels)  is doing. So what crime or crimes has he committed? Do they implicate the president?

And why did the president use that “David Denison” alias? Who usually hides behind an assumed name? Not you or I certainly. But that’s what characters in those old gangster movies used to do.

Trump’s business associates through the years include such convicted felons as “Fat Tony” Salerno, John taluppi, John Cody, Joseph Weichelbaum and Felix Sater. As well as disbarred lawyer Roy Cohn.

You might want to Google some of these names to get the picture.

Trump is also a known associate of international criminals. In addition to his obvious Russian ties, he was linked to denizens of the Chinese underworld. A Senate subcommittee found in 1992 that the vice president of marketing for Trump’s Taj Mahal casino was a member of a Chinese gang.

You might also know he paid a $10 million fine for money laundering.

When you consider all of the above, don’t you wonder what investigators might turn up next?

Not even an old gangster movie could trump this.

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