Lipstick on a pig

Forgive my one-track mind. I want my blog to do many things, but I’m putting a great deal of focus on this election because there‘s too much riding on it. And its not about electing a black president… its about the discontinuation of the ‘povertisation’ of America across the board.
Many people claim that the election has nothing to do with them because politicians have done nothing for them, as if expecting Barack Obama to come to them with an envelope filled with money. They are foolish if they don’t realist that this is about THEIR bread and butter issues. Its an election on how much poorer you will get by electing McCain, or giving yourself a better chance by electing Obama. It’s that simple. All other issues are distractions.
But since we are not quite there, we have to examine the broader issues, the people and the hypocrisy on both sides.
Let’s look first at the new media sensation Mrs Sarah Palin, the person that John McCain selected as his vice president. Actually lets first look at the media who is propelling her into ‘superstardom’.
The media are political prostitutes always distracted by whoever is wearing the most bling. Tv is worse. The owners have agendas and the faces on tv are only brainless robots bringing nothing to sensible to the table. They are not always propagating the views of the owners, but they are there to create enough chaff that only the owners’ views come across clearly. Do not take advice from any of them.
Today they are impressed with Obama, tomorrow with McCain. But in the end, they are likely to highlight Obama’s errors while glossing over those of McCain.
While I’m on the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, during McCain’s convention speech a backdrop was used of Walter Reed Middle School in California, when the obvious intent was to use an image of Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital in Washington DC. Oh boy.
Now back to Palin. During her convention speech she used a joke, ‘What is the difference between a hockey-mom and a pit bull? …lipstick. Which is ironical because SHE is nothing but lipstick on a pig. She is window dressing. She is strategy, a trick, a ruse, a last ditch attempt, a panic button. For the time it appears to be working but the shine won’t last long.
Here’s some facts not highlighted in her resume. Actually, let me not spoon-feed you… google these: “Palin, troopergate”, “Palin attempts to get librarian fired”, “Palin reduced funds for special needs”.
And while the republicans are leveling charges of sexism on her behalf, google “Did Palin call Hillary Clinton a whiner?” to see what Palin said about Clinton making the same claims.
On this, Obama has Hillary’s balls in a vise. HRC is hedging her bets and was the first to jump on the Palin bandwagon. Some of Hillary’s staff has called the media microscoping of Palin, sexism. But now the democrats are mandating HRC to dull down Palin’s attraction to women. In other words, Hillary is now expected to bitchslap Palin, woman to woman. Man, my tv won’t be big enough to watch that mudslinging catfight.
How much HRC is committed or not to Obama will be exposed. My bet is that she will try as hard as possible to avoid Palin. If she hurts Palin and Obama loses, her credibility with women is shot. If she doesn’t hurt Palin and the republicans win, then she has her shot in 2012, unless of course, the democratic party rightly decides to screw her over.
Here is a hypocrisy guaranteed to hurt Obama. In an interview with Fox network, he backtracked stating that the surge in Iraq has worked. No it hasn’t.
America is not the only one with a workable agenda… America is not the only one capable of creating cause and effect. Amongst the things the war has proven is that others can easily manipulate, outthink and outmaneuvur the USA.
Al qaeda is not defeated. They are not necessarily doing what they are doing because they are forced, but perhaps because they want to. They have made their point. They are going to turn up elsewhere, but be back when they want. Respecting your enemies is one of the fundamental teaching of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Not all retreats are because of failure.
This administration is claiming that the surge is the reason why the Anbar Sunni’s turned against al qaeda. No… US cash and guns were the reasons. But history has proved too often that those guns and cash are eventually going to be used against the providers.
I doubt that the surge is why Muqtada al Sadr decided on a truce. There is more at play. What westerners don’t yet grasp about the Middle East, is that the people don’t have popcap expectations. It’s not about success today.
What the white House has been afraid to say is that the US has been forced into diplomacy, which is working. But to admit that would be to admit that diplomacy would have worked in the first place and there would have been little bloodshed… and no financial gains for Halliburton and Blackwater.
Obama should have stood his ground. I understand why he did not, but it will come back to haunt him.
HYPOCRISY. While the economy is in the pits, people are suffering, McCain is charging that Obama doesn’t grasp the suffering of the poor, his wife Cindy McCain wears a $300,000.00 outfit to the republican convention. $300,000.00 outfits and 7 houses. I guess that makes McCain in touch with the common man..
HYPOCRISY. A reader pointed out an article that asks essentially why is Palin’s 17 year old pregnant daughter hailed as virtuous, while black teens of the same condition are regarded as sluts by the republicans, “…stereotyping them as immoral dregs on public welfare rolls”.
HYPOCRISY: Todd Palin, the son going to war, will have one of the most safest jobs in Iraq. He will be guarding generals. That’s as far from the fighting as possible.
POINT OF INTEREST: New Orleans, Louisiana, just under a 1,000 miles from Washington DC, is still a mess after hurricane Katrina struck more than 3 years ago. Little has been done. Yet we have VP Dick Cheney flying almost 5,800 miles across the world to a country on the border of Russia called Georgia, offering $1,000,000,000 in aid. Irrespective of the miles difference, want to bet that Georgia gets their aid before New Orleans?