Luciano Cancels Montreal International Reggae Festival Performance – Booking Error Cited

The Montreal International Reggae Festival (MIRF) is regrettably notifying all media and public that contrary to the previously distributed and advertised roster of performers for the Sunday, August 19, 2012 staging of the festival, Luciano, who was born, Jepther W. McClymont, will not be appearing. Luciano, known throughout the reggae music world as “The Messenger”, announced to MIRF, via his manager/wife Sonia Sterling, that he will be unable to fulfill his obligations which are clearly outlined in his contract with MIRF. In her capacity as Luciano’s manager, his wife relayed the news to MIRF using text and e-mail messages; and she confirmed the cancellation, saying, “[Another agent] went ahead and booked a show … I had booked the Montreal show for Luciano first…[I am]waiting to sort it out.” Sterling, who liaised with MIRF in booking Luciano for this year’s performance sent a final message saying, “Spoke to Lucie… but he is going to do [the other show] since he will be in that area … I am really sorry.” She said the “double booking” occurred without her knowledge.

Despite the contract between Luciano and MIRF being finalized ahead of the other booking – with MIRF meeting all its contractual obligations, Luciano made the decision not to perform at MIRF in August, according to Sterling