Machel Montano Reps Color Heritage Apparel

Fashion and music have always been closely related as celebrities and musicians endorse the top fashion brands of the world. This fact remains the same as soca meets fashion where Machel Montano the Soca King graces the inner cover of Profiles 98 magazine’s Fall Issue 5, repping his heritage in the clothing of Color Heritage Apparel.

“This opportunity is another milestone in the development of our brand,” says Winston Jack, the New-York-based Trinidadian fashion designer and owner of Color Heritage Apparel.  “‘Together we Aspire, Together we Achieve’ shows that when two of the best in their respective worlds come together it’s a phenomenon of great artistic expression.”

“Color Heritage exemplifies identity, love and the unification of all races, colors and nationalities. This company challenges us to examine ourselves and the way we influence our communities, our youth, and society as a whole. I am honored to work alongside such a quality clothing brand doing positive work for generations to come” says Machel.

Machel’s love for Color Heritage Apparel has now led to a collaboration which will reveal exciting ideas that are going to rock T&T for Carnival 2011.  Stay tuned!

It’s obvious that Color Heritage Apparel is more than clothing; it’s a lifestyle brand.  Check out Profiles 98 Magazine’s Fall Issue 5 for Machel’s entire photo shoot.