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Macka Diamond Forgives RT Boss For Alleged Obeah

Macka Diamond Forgives RT Boss For Alleged Obeah

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Consistent Dancehall recording artiste, Macka Diamond, is publicly accepting the apology of spiritual advisor and recording artiste RT Boss, after he posted implicating statements on social media last week.

The infamous obeah practitioner officially apologized to the Dancehall Diamond for practicing obeah on her allegedly at the behest of his client, Love and Hip Hop star Grace Hamilton also known as Spice.
Macka Diamond Forgives RT Boss For Alleged Obeah
RT, who revealed quite a bit about his interactions with Spice over the years acting as her spiritual advisor; claimed he regrets working Obeah on Macka when he went live on Instagram earlier this month.

Macka, who is still not convinced this whole scandal isn’t a publicity stunt is however willing to accept RT’s apology.

I’m still not convinced this isn’t a part of some publicity stunt, however if he is apologizing for trying to harm me in the past I’m on a healthy path in my life now and I just want to clear my heart of any negative energy,  so I accept his apology,” Macka explained

Macka Diamond, who has been in the industry for over 30 years, doesn’t believe any Obeah affected her consistent career but believes direct actions of Spice to malign her had some effect.

Actions like refusing to be billed on the same event as me or voicing for producers who voice me had a direct effect on my ability to do my work and show my talent properly. These were things artistes including Spice actively did, which is very vindictive, ” Macka added

Macka just wants to be allowed to do her work as an artiste and to be left alone as she firmly believes she isn’t competing with a soul.

I just want to work and feed my family like anyone else, I’m in my own lane so all I want is to be left alone by industry manipulators. Once I have health and strength I will continue to put in the work with God by my side,” Macka declared

The artiste, who has been releasing new music weekly, is still on her ‘Pink Pearl’ single US promo tour and is promoting her latest project ‘Independent Ladies’. Macka will be celebrating her birthday in a mini event tour in late January 2021.

Macka Diamond – Independent Ladies (Official Music Video)

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