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Teacher Believes In Magnum Street Boy Poor & Boasty

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Although there is significant evidence that both are more than just friends; Poor and Boasy and Debbie remain tight lipped on the matter.

Saturday, March 21; Kingston, Jamaica: How far would you go for a street boy? As a female how far could one conversation take you, a relationship perhaps? …second thoughts? Debbie*, an early childhood teacher in the corporate area never had any such reservation; when she spoke with Poor & Boasy, now a finalist in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition, she confessed.

“About three years ago I was walking home from work, I was a bit fatter and I remember him calling to me, ‘fluffy…mi like you’ or something to the effect, I turned and said something like ‘you can’t handle this’,” thus she began her narration of the story of how she met Omar Poor & Boasy Johnson or ‘Ganja Man’ as he was then known.

Debbie continued: “We began talking regular, because I always walked that side going home from work, so we had regular conversations about him and other things in the evenings.”

The early childhood teacher heard him singing one evening, and as a teacher would to her student she encouraged him to make something of his voice. She revealed: “He had this distinct voice that I could tell was fit for radio and music”. “I told him he had a good voice and that he should make something of it.” she opined.

Debbie, as she is affectionately called by Poor & Boasy, said this pushed her even more to get him off the street. “Talking with him you will realize that he is intelligent, and has something else to him and I was worried with all the police sometimes troubling the ‘street yute’.” With this as support Debbie said she began telling him about competitions on TV that could help…at that time Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall had already started so we had to wait until last year’s to auditions,” commented Deborah.

Omar Johnson revealed what motivated him to enter Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall: “I entered the competition because this teacher I’m talking with told me that she saw potential in me and that I could become more, she believe in me and I tried it.”

We queried two back-fence talks that Johnson has been living with Deborah for three years and that she was the mother of his daughter. Deborah revealed that: “he has a daughter with a street girl and that was before me”. “…at three months I advised him to take the child from her (the mother) because she wasn’t caring for her (the baby) properly.”

She continued to tell how they have cared for the child together, “…now everything is well with her at one year and four months and he has been a good father to her.”

Deborah continued: “I look out for him and I will call his friends and ask if they know where he is if I don’t see him and tell them to tell him to come home to me.”  Although there is significant evidence that both are more than just friends; Poor and Boasy and Debbie remain tight lipped on the matter. Debbie maintains:  I do it because I’m concerned for him and I think he has so much potential to be a great entertainer.

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