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Magnum Kings & Queens Judges Prepares The future Of Dancehall

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The music industry is tough business, and for the past 4 years the Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall judges have the task of getting these contestants ready for the crown and prepared for the reality of the Dancehall industry.

From the auditions to the very live shows, the comments of the show’s three resident judges, veteran dancehall performer Professor Nuts, internationally renowned producer Skatta Burrell and popular media personality Miss Kitty, seem to be the driving force for the King and Queen hopefuls.

Scatta Burrell explains that their job is to mentor young talents and give them the tools to deal with the unforgiving entertainment world:  “When we comment on a contestant’s performance it’s not that we want to be harsh, cruel, bring them down or whatever, but it’s because we want the best or we see and believe that they can do more.”

For its fourth season, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall shifted gears, increasing the number of finalists, chosen only by the judges, to 28, which forced them to split into two groups: Castle Red and Castle Blue, giving more fresh talents a chance at the crown and mounting competitive spirit.  So what do the judges think of this year’s contenders for the King and Queen of Dancehall?

The Fluffy Diva Judge affirmed: “Openly I have no favourite, but Castle Red is obviously stronger than Castle Blue…and certainly when you hear the talks on the streets and look back at the contestants they coincide with persons from Castle Red.

“I would like to see the contestants working on their clarity, which is very important, because the judges as well as the viewing public need to hear what they are saying. Harder lyrics, they need to leave us with that punch-line, leave the audience with something that when they go to vote they remember.”

Agreeing, Skatta remarked: “Castle Red has some stronger contestants particularly the males and you can see that the competitive spirit is somewhat stronger than Castle Blue. Not to say that Castle Blue isn’t delivering, but they need to step up.  Not to say Castle Red is doing everything well, but they have certainly been the group that have grown with the show and that’s something I would like to see Castle Blue doing, more than just delivering as if they are still at the first live show…we expect the contestants to be assertive, project, controlling their breathing and working on their clarity.

“Your breathe control is a serious part of your stage presence and much more of the contestants need to work on that to give a smooth comfortable delivery.  Don’t exert too much lyrics at the beginning and lose yourself half way and fight to finish…work on your 4 gears…relax, start smooth, and then increase and cruise in.”

Professor Nuts, the lone successful artiste on the judges’ team had more to say about lyrical content, performance and appearance: “As a contestant in this competition your lyrics have to constantly be outstanding. But outside of that you have to have a signature.”

Explaining that ‘signature’ the comedic artiste notes: “Actions speaks better than words. So you have to dress the part. Make your appearance or swag, as the young people call it now, by adding something else to your performance. This could be your first forward that helps build your confidence and gives you the energy to make you less nervous to tackle the stage.

“Nervousness can affect a performance. Sometimes you find that if the contestant was anticipating a response from the crowd and not getting any there is that fall in confidence and not everything comes across as how it should…not getting that reaction makes them lose the concentration.”

Voting and Campaigning

Miss Kitty also addressed issues that sometimes talented contestants get voted off early: “It’s always hard to see good contestants leave the show, but we have to reinforce if you see someone you like, vote for them, even if it’s just one time.  It all boils down to the voting and that is the causality that you have with shows like this. So, if you as the public see a performance you like, support the person. Outside of that the contestants have a part to play…this is like their job now, they can’t stop at a performance on a Saturday night,  they have to get that pan to beg, go on street and campaign to ensure people know them.”

Miss Kitty also mentioned: “This is the beginning of the training as an artiste and so they have to hit the pavement running, because at times it’s not going to be easy, they will have to take that CD to wherever just so that disk jocks get it or do an interview at a radio or TV station. This is the beginning of their publicity, the sooner they know they better.”

Beyond the Competition

All three judges agreed that they were all looking forward to continuity from the winners of the competition.

Skatta noted: “Really looking forward to seeing someone going out there, after six months I want to see them standing strong and moving forward.”

In the meantime Miss Kitty confessed: “Magnum is a platform to start your career and I hope to the winners, both male and female, make a solid ground for themselves after the competition like a Tanto Blacks or a Chozenn.”

Professor Nuts: “Longevity, not just come and go. Also I want to see a lot more of the Queens and females doing much better, when you look at it mostly the males have been doing better…Press Fyah, Tanto Blacks, Chozenn, Juggla and Singer Jah. Since the 2000s females have been dominating dancehall but it’s not reflected in the competition.”

Final advice

Skatta: “Don’t let the support that you getting now make you feel comfortable, keep going stronger each week.”

Miss Kitty: “Always be consistent and never be complacent. Don’t be fooled, the same mouth that praise will boo you if you flop; so if you raise the bar, keep it up or raise it higher.”

Professor Nuts: “Build a performance character, fill it with the traits you want to be known for and get into that character before you go on stage, so that you can continuously deliver to expectations and beyond.”

Watch the judges advise the King and Queen hopefuls on 4th Season of the number one Dancehall show Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall every Saturday night on TVJ at 9:30PM.

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