Major Lazer & Diplo Reminisces Past with Skerrit Bwoy in Throwback Instagram & TikTok Posts

Former daggering king turned electric gospel artiste Skerrit Bwoy was thrown way into the past after receiving a notification via Instagram on April 5, 2023 with a tag from international sound system & production group Major Lazer. Since returning to college to further his studies in Divinity, it’s been customary for Skerrit Bwoy to receive similar alerts while in class.

Major Lazer & Diplo Reminisces Past with Skerrit Bwoy in Throwback Instagram & TikTok Posts1
I’m always surprised when anyone tags me. I will be in school and see wild stuff come in. Fortunately for this one, the sound was off when it popped up. I breezed over it at first. However, when people contacted me directly, I went back to see what the noise was about,” he laughed. “I almost forgot I used to use those types of words. Please forgive me & pray for me as I pray for you.”

Dr. Dre was there launching Club BeatsIt was a star-studded event. Even Will.I.AmRobin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Timbaland and many others made special appearances or performed. The post by Major Lazer was of a pop-up event in a branch of the US electronics store, Best Buy. It shows a video of Skerrit Bwoy and a female gyrating to the group’s hit track “Pon De Floor” featuring Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Busy Signal. As a natural hype man himself, Skerrit Bwoycan also be heard shouting expletives into the microphone while Diplo and Jillionaire are seen in the background providing the music.

I miss people more than anything else because I love people. Most of my life, to that point, was in the entertainment industry. However, I do NOT miss advocating debauchery & leading people to sin. This time around, I’m bringing positive and encouraging music wherever I go. Music to bless the cursed, heal the sick, strengthen the weak, deliver those that are captive, and pure salvation! I’m on my Old Testament-book of Isaiah 61-type energy,” Skerrit Bwoy said when asked if he misses the excitement.

Before converting to Christianity, the Antiguan entertainer was a part of Major Lazer as a Dancer and MC who went on tour with them all over the world. While they still keep in touch, it’s usually for personal reasons and not music business.

Not like calling each other on the phone type stuff at the moment. Diplo & I do more like text ‘Happy Father’s Day’ stuff ‘cause we are both obsessed with our kids. Walshy [Fire] and I will link on WhatsApp more often, though. He gave me some great advice once I finished the album. He said to concentrate more on being an artist and less on being a DJ. So, I’m learning to make that transition. So far, the artist side is even more energy and vibes than the DJ side, especially with the support of an anointed live band, and audiences are receiving it very well—10/10 advice.”

When asked if he was open to any possibility of doing a collaboration or two with Major Lazer, Skerrit Bwoy states:

As long as I can make music about Jesus. Lol. July 3rd makes ten years since I have been putting out the Jesus Party music. I dropped three albums last year & Jesus Party Vol. 1 is doing well. I even started doing live gigs nationally again. So, anything I do would have to be something that can complement what God is building by my hands – A divine mission is the highest calling a human can get, and I got mine loud and clear. Big up, Jesus!”

In March 2023, Skerrit Bwoy achieved great success with his album “Jesus Party Vol. 1” when it reached number 1 on the US iTunes Electronic Albums Chart a year after its release while the single “Jesus Party” peaked at number 7 on the corresponding Singles Chart. It was a feat that no one had previously been able to do with Gospel music [to the best of his knowledge]. He and his team are working assiduously to market his triumphs to the general public, making Skerrit Bwoythe new face of reformation from Dancehall music over to Gospel. As comments keep rolling in under the post, racking up almost 19,000 likes and over 500,000 views already in 24 hours, Skerrit Bwoy is hoping to reach a wider audience while spreading the gospel as a changed soul.

Later on that day, Diplo posted the same video on TikTok with the caption: “Before I got booked anywhere I used to throw parties in Best Buy (yes this is real)”. It has amassed over 65,000 views with more than 8,000 persons liking it and 78 sharing the video.

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