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Malians Calling For Help, Assault On Africa

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Calling for immediate action for humanitarian assistance and the African Union  intervention to stop the destruction and mass killing of Malians, members of the Mali community lamented that “Our people are been butchered, beaten and chopped to death, not by humans, but by criminals.”


Mr. Abubakar Konate continued “Our people are dying without protection, without food without shelter… and where is the help?” When Africa needed help, he stated that Malians were sent to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and wherever and whenever we are called to protect Africa, but now “no one there to help our people in Mali.”


The acting Secretary General of WADU Georgia, Kofi S. Thutmose summarized the situation in Mali by first reminding the community of the significance of Mali as a historical model of Africa’s ancient greatness. He explained that Mali is a dependable strategic partner for Pan Africanism located in a geographical area with enormous wealth. He then stressed that the Western nations were collaborating with extreme Islamic, some Arab and mercenary forces to destroy Africa, similar to the experiences of slavery, the recent attack on Libya, other parts of Africa, and also in areas of Asia.


The Co-Chairs of WADU Georgia, Dr. Sharifaa Saa and Kofi Adjei called for African leaders to support the Declaration of Conscience on Mali insisting that the AU stop the assault on Africa southward and across Africa. Saa quoted the WADU Constitution powers for action on behalf Africa for the unity and security of “our brothers and sisters.”


Leaders of the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) and the African Community Centers asserted that Africans must organize on all levels in “our congregations, organizations and on the streets to defeat imperialism in Africa and the world.” Baba Joe Beasley and Minister P.D. Menelik called for more pressure on Black leaders across the world and for a delegation of African and Diaspora leaders to immediately visit Mali to investigate, report, and mobilize support for Mali and Africa.


Similar meetings have been held in NY and elsewhere in recognition of the Honorable Marcus Garvey. In New York, leaders like Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Georgina Falu, and John Watusi Branch demanded the AU become more active in Mali and proactive in situations to further the interests of Africa, in the spirit and vision of Marcus Garvey and other great Pan Africanists. African Diaspora leaders also lamented the recent situation in South Africa with the miners, and called for African reconciliation, unity, and justice.


As a result of Honorable Marcus Garvey August meetings, the African Diaspora family is calling for all to: 1. immediately provide financial and humanitarian supplies to Mali; 2. organize major educational and assistance forums on Mali culminating in a Day of Prayer and Action on September 22, 2012, coinciding with Mali Independence Day and 3. Support the Declaration of Conscience on Mali, focusing on pressuring the AU to break from the control of its former colonizers to assist African people, “at Home and abroad.”

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