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Mamayashi Collection Debuts “Black Star, Blue Moon”

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Mamayashi Collection will be launching a Spring/Summer collection called, Black Star Blue Moon, which has been a work in progress for approximately 10 years.

The Mamayashi Collection is a clothing line developed by Jamaican designer Mamayashi. We would like to invite all persons to attend the launch of the new collection Black Star Blue Moon on Sunday March 15, 2015 at Nanook, 20 Burlington Ave, 6-9pm.

This new collection has been a work in progress for 10 years and the event is set to showcase Mamayashi’s growth in the fashion industry and the niche she has created for herself in Jamaican culture.

Mamayashi creates original designs, which allows for culturally aware, regally confident people to wear their declarations of freedom and sovereignty everyday. She creates clothing because she believes that we contribute different energies to the society and the universe through the way we dress.

Creating and designing clothing has always intrigued Mamayashi, as she grew up watching her father, an impeccable and well-respected tailor, who always referred to his work as art. Her journey evolved from crafting dolls’ clothing at her father’s feet to making adolescent fashion statements with ties and tucks, bits of tape, dots of glue and well-placed staples. The acquisition of a vintage sewing machine during her college years in the U.S. was the first key that opened doors for her to use her clothing design skills for campus events, parties and cultural celebrations. But, it was only as she nurtured her first born and watched him crawl towards his own independence was she then fully emancipated to turn her passion into her profession. Nurtured within a sacred space, by the encouragement and support of like-minded sistrens, she then also finally began to share her textile expressions with the world.

Her designs are heavily influenced by her love for Africa and the Rastafari journey. They also reflect her values for natural creativity and growth, and they also give honour to the African-minded leaders who have inspired her. Mamayashi’s daily mantra is that as she takes her first breath, she give thanks and requests the guidance of her ancestors, then she steps into the process balanced by faith and confidence. Her creations are not always pre-conceived but usually evolve, layer by layer, from the visions they inspire. She works with the fabrics and experiences their textures and colours, getting inspiration from each piece and focusing completely on each step of the creation process. By working in obedience to the purpose that each piece of clothing comes with, she can create each layer instinctively until the fabric tells her that the design is complete.

Mamayashi has been honoured to clothe many local and international celebrities in her designs. Her creations have been featured at major events and in popular media publications. But, nothing delights her more than the way the Mamayashi Collection has been embraced by Queens and Kings, all over the world, just like you.

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