Mandeville Hospital Receives Urology Machine to Boost Services

CEO for the Mandeville Regional Hospital (MRH), Alwyn Miller (centre) accepts a vioscan machine from President of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Dr. Kimberly Freeman (2nd right) at the hospital on Friday, October 8.

Mandeville Hospital Receives Urology Machine to Boost Services
The machine, valued at about $700,000 will be utilized in the hospital’s urology department and will be primarily used in the catheter clinic.  A catheter is a tube that is inserted into your bladder, allowing your urine to drain freely. 

Consultant in the Urology Department at the MRH, Dr. Kerron Jones (left), explained that the machine will allow many different on the spot diagnosis for patients. “Normally, we would have to send the patients out to get an ultrasound scan done to know whether or not what we are doing is successful. We take out the patient’s catheter, we can know if they are ready to have a trial of voiding and then when they void we can do a quick scan of them to make sure they are empty, so they don’t go home half full and have to come back in the night, because they are gaining retention. This will allow us to filter a lot of the patients in that clinic towards medical management of their condition or surgical management or just removal of their catheter so they don’t have to be dependent on the clinic” Dr. Jones said. 

Mr. Miller thanked the Rotary Club for its kind donation, lauding the group for its constant search to find technology and means to make clinics at the hospital more efficient and to make the patient experience better. He added that the tool will advance the efficiency of the clinic and will also impact the decrease in admission of patients.

Participating in the handing over also were: Past District Governor of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Dr. Patrick Adizua (2nd left) and Treasurer and President-elect of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Joseph Jackson.